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High-end Products as the Direction, Liuzhou Motor Develop in Boutique Way

Date:2017-02-17 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: From the transformation in 2010 to the launch of “a good truck” in 2015, and then to the built of the strongest products group in 2017, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor has turned into standard product and market from the nonstandard ones, and it’s also going to achieve the goal of transition from construction vehicles to on-road vehicles. its yearly sales continue to increase, and the good domestic sales of 2016 is 39068 units, up by 47% year on year. 

High-end Products as the Direction, Liuzhou Motor Develop in Boutique Way
It’s 2017 this year, Liuzhou Motor announced that they will challenge the super sales goal of 70000 units with confidence. How can Liuzhou Motor deal with the amazing number? What is the development way to support the 70 thousand market goals?
High-end as the direction, develop in boutique way
Dongfeng has realized development transformation steadily for just a few years, it’s not so simple for the company when we review the development road. During the developed years, Liuzhou Motor has always adhered to the quality strategy and deepened the transformation of marketing sales model to stand firm in the environment of fierce market competition.

High-end Products as the Direction, Liuzhou Motor Develop in Boutique Way
Cheng Daoran pointed that the developed trend in the future was high end trucks since he assume the role of the General Manager for Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor. High end truck is the trend of future, under this environment, “A good truck”, Chenglong H7 is designed as the times require, and become the blue-eyed boy of the market. 
As the new generation of high end logistic heavy truck created for 3 three years, Chenglong H7 is the strategic truck launched for the market transformation to meet the requirements of long haul and high efficiency logistic transportation. Chenglong H7 featuring 67 technical patents and 5 characteristics of "safety, reliability, fuel-saving, high-efficiency, and comfort" were appropriately designed as a “sword” to leverage the high-end market. 
In Shanghai auto show 2016, “the most beautiful long nose” new Chenglong M3 also debut on the show. Whether the highway tractor or cargo trucks, even the long nose, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor has become the best in the high-end heavy truck market with good appearance and technical sense.  
No matter the good performance in a lot of competitions or the market feedback after launching, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor steps more and more steadily on way up to high-end products to lay a solid foundation for boutique strategy. 
Product matrix, create different development platforms  
Good product is the sharp knife, but Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor also needs army to conquer the market.
In 2017, Liuzhou Motor will put quality in the first place, and produce Chenglong H7, Chenglong T7, Chenglong H5, new Chenglong M3 and Chenglong L3 five platforms to make up the strongest products portfolio. The Vice General Manager Yao Liwen introduced that the past years’ efforts make the self-owned enterprise step on the top of the industry. Now, the develop trend of built boutique strategy also call on the improvement of products structure. 
Manager Yao also said that if they want to produce good product, they must offer good service first. In this year, Liuzhou Motor will integrate the enterprise resource and enhance the layout of distributors’ network and facilitators’ network, spread from product maturity to competitive market to provide after-sale service for customers. The service network will promote marketing, develop customers’ loyalty and satisfaction and provide users with operational solutions in full life cycle.

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