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CIMC Van Semi Trailers Exported to Thailand in CKD Mode

Date:2017-02-23 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, a batch of Flexible van semi trailers were exported to Thailand again. The trailers were assembled in CKD mode, the components were produced in Yangzhou CIMC, and then exported to Thailand CIMC plant to finish assembled. The trailer uses a variety of new structures, such as Aluminum Alloy roof, anti-theft curtain, convenient curtain buckles and other new technique. The anti-theft curtain is made of high strength steel wire, in the premise of maintaining the soft cord, the curtain can also prevent criminals from going into the van and stealing goods by cutting the cord fabric by knives. The curtain also enhances the driving and loading safety.

CIMC Van Semi Trailers Exported to Thailand in CKD Mode
The curtain van semi-trailer is one of the van semi-trailers. In Europe and Australia, curtain van semi-trailer is the main trailer mode, taking account of 50% in various semi-trailer use cases. In recent years, more and more users in China have also chosen this trailer mode. 
The curtain van semi-trailer is used to transport automotive components, beers, drink and other pallet goods. When workers make loading, the curtains in two sides can open quickly. Then they can load on both sides at the same time by forklift, which enables the whole process finishes in 5 minutes. This is one of the fastest logistics transportation tools, featuring waterproof and dust-proof.

CIMC Van Semi Trailers Exported to Thailand in CKD Mode
At present, many domestic goods are transported by cargo semi-trailer and stake semi-trailer. We can see a number of these trailers running on the expressway. This kind of trailers is loaded by hand or mechanically, after loading, the goods will be covered by tarpaulin and tightened by ropes or belts. It will take one day to finish loading, that is considered too inefficiency. But the semi-trailers are still in use because it is cheap and overload. 
Under the newly revised GB1589, semi-trailers are required to built comply with the standards specified in length. For example, the maximum length of cargo semi-trailer, stake semi-trailer and dual-axles semi-trailer allowed is defined as 10m while three-axles semi-trailers is limit to 13m. However, the max length of curtain van semi-trailer allowed is up to 13.75 meters. Length extension brings larger volume. We can see that the authorities are also promoting the development of curtain van semi-trailer in regulations while limiting the development of cargo semi-trailer and stake semi-trailer.

CIMC Van Semi Trailers Exported to Thailand in CKD Mode
Yangzhou CIMC has introduced Australian technology and European technology to develop curtain van semi-trailer since 1996. With the twenty-year history, CIMC has developed dozens of all kinds of curtain semi-trailers and formed numerous products series, including straight frame, goose neck type, biconcave type, integral sliding type, top sliding type and other types. Curtain track, tighten column, side-slip column and curtains fabric also offer different options for customers.


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