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Philippines Customer Purchasing Sichuan Hyundai Trago Trucks

Date:2017-03-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

[Message from Philippines, by chinatrucks.com]... In November 2016, Chinatrucks.com received a special purchase inquiry from Mr. Rene, boss of Eastglobal Trading Co., Inc in Philippines. According to Mr. Rene, the company was planning to buy dozens of units Sichuan Hyundai trucks and hope to be a distributor for Sichuan Hyundai in Philippines.  

Philine Reader Purchasing Sichuan Hyundai Trago Trucks
Eastglobal Trading Co., Inc, a lawfully register company in Securities and Exchange Commission, was resigned and put up by Rene D.L Riola last September 2016. Before that, Rene D.L Riola was connected to Hyundai Heavy Industries as vice-president for sales, selling Hyundai Excavator and other Hyundai Heavy Equipment, trucks and buses. Now they are looking for potential bus and truck and heavy equipment to market in the Philippines. In marketing these trucks, buses and heavy equipments, they don't see problem as they have potential buyers and rich experience.
Rene D.L. Riola had an access to Sichuan Hyundai overseas manager through Chinatrucks.com. They discuss happily and Rene D.L. Riola was invited to come China for a visit to Hyundai Motor in Sichuan, China On Feb. 22nd-23rd, 2017, getting a closer look at Hyundai's formidable R&D strength and state-of-art technologies.
Several reasons contributed to Eastglobal Trading Co., Inc's final decision to choose Sichuan Hyundai. First and foremost, Sichuan Hyundai have long won the recognition of both passenger and truck operators thanks to their high reliability and a host of travel amenities. Secondly, Sichuan Hyundai trucks haven't made inroad into Philippines, which offers me an opportunity to market in the region. As far as we know, CHMC will make efforts to reach production and sales of 130000 units in 2020 and 150000 units in 2021, ranking the top 10 in China CV industry. With its new Trago and ZEDO truck (800W and 300M) rolling out in 2016, Sichuan Hyundai will develop at a high speed both home and abroad.


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