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Jiefang J7 Truck to Be on Trial This Year

Date:2017-03-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: For users who pay long-term attention to Jiefang trucks, the mysterious “real face” of Jiefang J7 has been unveiled gradually, after several exposures of “disguised leaked photos”, road test flash in trial field and actual shooting when going offline. Compared with those of J6, J7’s exterior and interior have been updated and changed a lot. But the powertrain and driving feeling that users focus on most are still unknown.

Jiefang J7 Truck to Be on Trial This Year
It is reported that Jiefang J7 will be produced in volume at the end of this year, and the group sales will be available in early 2018. It is generally known that every manufacturer will have long-term strict and comprehensive tests for each model before launch. As the last but not the least process before a product launch, the test for the vehicle in actual operation circumstance is indispensable.

Jiefang J7 Truck to Be on Trial This Year
This year sees the tenth anniversary of Jiefang J6 truck’s launch. Looking back of the past ten years, new brands “blossomed everywhere”. But the market proves the saying that “old ginger is hotter than new”. Now we can say Jiefang J7 is in its youth. During the past February, J6 successfully help FAW Jiefang heavy trucks get a sales volume of more than 20,000, ranking first in the national heavy trucks sale list for more than ten months.
Jiefang J7 Truck to Be on Trial This Year
Such “amazing performance” has a close relation to the innovation to products. From Jiefang J6 to Jiefang JH6, from Jiefang J6 Linghang to the latest New Jiefang J6, each model has technological breakthrough in long-term oil replacement technology, huge horsepower updating and regionally specialized model, and all become benchmark product of its own segment. With the rich and unique customer resources gained by Jiefang J6, let us wipe eyes to see whether J7 Edition can deliver the best performance as a new model.


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