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BAIC Got an Order of 1000 Semi-tractors from Myanmar

Date:2017-03-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On March 11, 2017, Yunnan BAIC Special Vehicle Company, a subsidiary of China BAIC Yunnan Ruili Automotive Co. Ltd., signs an agreement for a strategic partnership with Myanmar Thitsar Mandalar for selling of 1,000 semi-tractors. General Manager Chen Lei signs the agreement with Thitsar Mandalar (MD). 

BAIC Got an Order of 1000 Semi-tractors from Myanmar
Chairman Dong Haiyang from BAIC International Corporation says the order of 1,000 semi-tractors makes a good start for BAIC Ruili in the production and sales phase after the construction phase ends, and the gaining of the order attributes to leadership at all levels. He also points out that Myanmar is an important market for BAIC Ruili in future, thus BAIC Ruili will set up a marketing department in Myanmar and construct factories in Muse and Rangoon which will assist BAIC Ruili to go abroad and make contributions to the Myanmar automobile market. 
It is learnt that Yunnan BAIC Special Vehicle Company, wholly owned by BAIC Yunnan Ruili Co., Ltd, is registered in July 11, 2016 with a register capital of 20 million Yuan. It is located in Padi Industry Park of Mang City, covering an area of 62.2mu with a total construction scale of 26,000 square meters. Its targeted customers are mainly South and Southeast Asian markets as well as five provinces in the southwest of China. At present, the company is capable of producing various refitted vehicles, semi-tractors, so on and so forth. In 2017, it is planned to produce 800 semi-tractors and 100 refitted vehicles. The industrial value is estimated to be 80 million Yuan. Myanmar Thitsar Mandalar’s sales company is a large-scale comprehensive vehicle trading company with an important position in Myanmar commercial vehicle market, whose main businesses include the import, sales and after-sales of semi-tractors and tractors. In 2016, the company imports more than 1,800 semi-tractors and over 500 tractors from Ruili port. It aims to reach an export volume of 2,500 semi-tractors in 2017. 


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