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Auto Shanghai 2017: JAC K7 and World Truck Won the Favorable Comments

Date:2017-04-24 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: April 20th , 2017 Shanghai Automobile Exhibition entered into the second day of media, and many domestic and foreign professional media visited JAC booth.

JAC K7 won the favorable comments from the professional mediaJAC won the favorable comments from the professional media
In the media day, most of honored guests are R&D personnel and designers from global auto enterprises. They came to JAC booth and appreciate the lightspot of JAC technology and experience JAC vehicle’s performance.
In this Shanghai auto show, intelligent & technology has become one of big lightspots of JAC commercial vehicle booth. And JAC world light has grandly released into market, attracting the attention from mass industry experts.

JAC World Truck Globally is Launching into the Market 
JAC World Truck strategy was released in Auto Shanghai, and meanwhile the first model of JAC World Truck-N series announced its global launch into the market. JAC World Truck is China initiative world-class truck strategy based on the completely new logistic philosophy, which not only indicates JAC commercial vehicles future R&D direction, but also represents JAC commercial vehicles top products series.
JAC World Truck Globally is Launching into the Market
JAC World Truck was the pioneer in realizing the industrial integration customization system. On the basis of more than 220 products series, JAC World Truck can completely meet the high-end personalized demands from different regions, different environment and different industries. More than 300 products customization are provided, for example, the basic version, express version, logistic version, cold train transportation version are provided according to different industries and different road conditions. As to the global complicated geographical environment and climate, JAC World Truck has frigid zone version, plain version, plateau version for choice; Considering the trend of modern logistic intensity, high efficiency and intelligence, JAC World Truck has supplied main line logistic version, branch line logistic version, micro line logistic version and end line logistic version.
JAC World Truck Globally is Launching into the Market
The combination of intelligence and commercial vehicles has greatly improved the products strength. JAC World Truck has created six dimensional intelligent systems in the aspects of vehicles comfort, security, driving, interconnection, energy saving and service, with ten leading applications such as connected cars, dual airbags, 360° images and intelligent voice system, fully enhancing the vehicles using value, providing more convenient and high efficient vehicle using experience. Besides, introduced by JAC relevant technology responsible person, JAC light-duty trucks have started the research of more intelligent configuration function such as ESP、LDWS、AEBS which will be applied into the mass produced vehicles. 
Relying on the four energy saving systems and 256 energy saving technology upgrading, JAC World Truck have been equipped with the world's leading technology power, which can not only meet the National V emission, but also have the capability of upgrading to National VI; In addition, depending on the new energy technology advantages, JAC has established two light-duty trucks platforms of pure electric vehicles and plug-in vehicles. According to the introduction, as the deeper cooperation with Navistar, JAC will lower 30% of the comprehensive fuel consumption, and lower 50% of the comprehensive carbon emission. 
JAC Heavy-duty truck K7 grandly is debuting 
In this exhibited commercial vehicle, the newest heavy-duty truck K7 has became a new star. It’s adopted high roof cab, 910L extra-large storing space, the widest sleeper, car refrigerator, auto air-conditioning, very comfortable.

JAC K7 won the favorable comments from the professional media JAC Heavy-duty Truck K7 
In this JAC commercial vehicle exhibited team, the newest heavy-duty truck K7 has drawn the attention from the public as soon as it's debuting. It's a world fist-class wind resistance- lowered heavy-duty truck through many times advanced aerodynamics simulating optimization. With 540 power engine, ZF AMT transmission, large torque & small ration axle and 95 kilometers/ hour speech when the engine reaches 1300 RPM, high dynamic. Meanwhile, K7 is adopted high-roof cab which provide sufficient space for drivers standing and walking freely, 910 L super large storage space, widen sleeper, power sunroof, folding table, car refrigerator, automatic air-conditioning, very comfortable.
JAC k7
In the future, JAC will continue to adhere to the strategy of expanding and enhancing commercial vehicle business, refining and optimizing passenger car business and vigorously developing new energy vehicle businesses, in accordance with the core value of customer-oriented, quality-based and be realistic and pragmatic, and always adhere to 'upgrading brand, leading technology, platformed products, overlapping development, refined manufacturing and internationalized markets', providing better products and services for global customers and speeding up JAC brand upgrading.

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