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Auto Shanghai 2017: JAC Presents Nearly 40 Models

Date:2017-05-05 Source:businesswire

www.chinatrucks.com: With a portfolio of nearly 40 models including commercial vehicles, passenger cars and green energy vehicles, JAC has all of them displayed at Auto Shanghai 2017 from April 17th to 28th. While A60, M6, and N-series truck attracted the highest public attention, JAC’s newly unveiled S7 SUV was also in the spotlight at the Auto Show.

Auto Shanghai 2017: JAC Presents Nearly 40 Models
High-performance and Sophistication
The S7 is another JAC passenger vehicle equipped with intelligent high-end configurations, such as self-adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning system, anti-collision warning system, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. Under the hood, the S7 has a 1.5T GDI & 6DCT platinum transmission, turbocharged engine and DVVT. The maximum power of the SUV is 128Kw, and the maximum torque is 251Nm. It is ranked among the “Top 10 Engines” in China.
JAC Trucks to Enter the Global Market
JAC World Truck is a pioneer in the industry due to the vehicles’ customization options. Based on more than 220 product series, JAC World Truck can meet personalized demands of transport companies from around the globe. JAC World Truck can manufacture trucks suitable for any type of environment the clients might encounter, allowing them to access more than 300 product customizations.
JAC World Truck has ten market-leading features, such as internet connection, dual airbags, 360° image display and intelligent voice system. Enhancing the Trucks increases value by providing a convenient and efficient vehicle user experience.
Following the trend in green energy, JAC has developed two electric light-duty trucks. Through collaboration with Navistar, JAC will cut product fuel consumption by 30%, and lower carbon emissions by 50%.

Auto Shanghai 2017: JAC Presents Nearly 40 Models
The Debut of the JAC K7 Heavy-Duty Truck
The latest heavy-duty truck to be added to JAC’s product lineup is the K7 which instantly gained popularity at the Auto Show. The vehicle boasts a range of unique features, including its noticeable aerodynamic body, a 540 HP engine, ZF AMT transmission, large torque, small ration axle, and 95 km/h speed when the engine reaches 1300 RPM. In addition, the K7 comes with a high roof cab (which provides room for drivers to stand and walk), 910 L of storage space, a wide sleeper, automatic sunroof, folding table, refrigerator, and AC unit. During the exhibition, JAC proved to be a powerhouse within the auto industry.
Auto Shanghai 2017: JAC Presents Nearly 40 Models


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