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SAIC Hongyan Takes Delivery of Its First 200 Construction Trucks to Xiamen City

Date:2017-05-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On May 10, 2017, a grand ceremony was held in Xiamen City, Southeast China’s Fujian Province, to officially deliver 200 Hongyan intelligent construction trucks to Xiamen customer for the first time.

SAIC Hongyan Takes Delivery of Its First Construction Trucks to Xiamen City
Cursor 9L engine is said to have been used in the vehicle, which allows the vehicle to run with high efficiency, the best fuel economy and environmental protection. In addition, Hongyan intelligent truck can effectively avoid soil flying and leaking problems occurred during transportation due to its advantages, an integrated U-shaped groove and well-sealed push-type roof panel. The truck bed represents some nice scenery in the city as it is beautiful-looking and soil flying proof by use of special steel plates and unique design. 
What’s more, an intelligent onboard information terminal is fitted to receive the command signaled from a comprehensive operation control platform so as to monitor the vehicle and ensure a safe, secure, and orderly operation. 

SAIC Hongyan Takes Delivery of Its First Construction Trucks to Xiamen City
The intelligent onboard information terminal, comprising vehicle traveling data recorder, camera and sensor, acts like the “nerve” in human body to feel and collecting info about vehicle location, direction and speed, as well as data concerned with overspeed, cross the line, and drive without license. Once obtained, it will immediately send them back to the comprehensive operation control platform. Nowhere have it found the vehicle are traveling exceeding the speed limit or the soil are being dumped outside the construction site, an alarm will be triggered and put it at concerned department’s disposal. Besides, you will be unable to start the vehicle once the sensor detects overload situation.


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