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FAW Jiefang Delivers 1,218 Units of J6P 500hp Tractors to Shijiazhuang Customers

Date:2017-05-18 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, there was a stirring of interest in Jiefang truck thanks to “Jiefang China Tour” scheme. During the “Shijiazhuang Stop”, Jiefang J6P 6x4 500hp tractors set a high sales record, 1,218 units in total.

1,218 Jiefang J6P 500hp Tractors Delivered to Shijiazhuang City

In order to allow more users in Shijiazhuang to know better about Jiefang J6P 6x4 500hp tractors’, product trainers make explicit explanation on how J6P transmission and rear axle was improved in power and load capacity to add value for its customers.

In just one hour, 1,218 units are sold at the product promotion, which equals to one unit J6P 500hp tractor in 5 seconds on average. Support from users keeps Jiefang moving forward. Jiefang will continue to follow the concept of “quality, technology and innovation” to provide users with the best and most capable money-making machine and create “shared value” for all Jiefang users.


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