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Beiben V3ET Dumper Makes Upgrading in Accordance with New GB1589

Date:2017-05-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The implementation of new GB1589 and control on overload and overrun has exerted great impact on the road sand-gravel & aggregate transportation vehicles. In accordance with the previous regulation, the 4-axle 8x4 dumper with a gross weight of less than 31t now sees clear decrease of transportation efficiency. How to improve the efficiency under the new regulation? Biben launches V3ET semi-dumper to meet the market demands and facilitate the sand-gravel & aggregate transportation work.

Beiben V3ET Dumper Makes Upgrading In Accordance with New GB1589

Beiben V3ET semi-dumper has larger payload capacity as compared to the previous 8x4 dumpers. With 13.7t more payloaded and efficiency up 72% than the others, it can achieve a target profit for customers.

The semi-dumper not only has advantages in basic requirements like low fuel consumption, super comfort, high reliability and strong security, but to upgrade in the following 8 aspects.

1. Standard QH50 PTO, improving the convenience of matching with semi-dumper;

2. Torque transmission between the shaft is improved by 25%, more suitable for complex road conditions;

3. Standard wheel differential and inter-axle differential, improving the capability to cope with bad road conditions in stand-gravel yard;

4. Upgraded clutch to further adaptive to complex operating environment when the vehicle pulls off;

5. Dual purpose tread tire compatible for both road and gravel road transportation;

6. The upper side of saddle is 1285mm high from the ground (few-leaf-spring rear suspension), lowering down the center of vehicle and improve the stability whether it is in motion or lifting weights;

7. Special anti-loose design is adopted in the saddle in order to respond to the twisting conditions;

8. 500+horsepower enables vehicles capable of coping with various road conditions such as sand-gravel yard, climbing in full load, and travelling at high speed.

The complex road conditions in sand-gravel transportation need a professional transportation vehicle like V3ET semi-dumper.

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