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SHACMAN Heavy Trucks Show up in 2017 Silk Road International Expo

Date:2017-06-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: From June 3 to June 7,  2017 Silk Road International Expo and the 21st China East-West Cooperation and Investment Trade Fair (abbreviated as 2017 Silk Road Expo and 21st China East-West Trade Fair) is grandly held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. As an enterprise among China’s top 500, SHACMAN shows up in the expo with a powerful lineup, attracting much attention from companies both at home and abroad.

SHACMAN Heavy Trucks Show up in 2017 Silk Road International Expo

Considering the “Belt and Road” strategy, SHACMAN displays high-end heavy trucks that interpret the image of Chinese brand and demonstrates its “product and service” integrated solution, including Delong X3000 Golden Version tractor & natural gas tractor, Delong New M3000 sanitation muck dumper, Delong L3000 stake truck, and Delong New M3000 multi-functional road sweeper.

Delong X3000 Golden Version tractor as China’s first large horsepower heavy truck is a new product developed by SHACMAN for high-efficiency logistics. Its initiated 500PS+ will bring customers with strong power and super fuel economy. It has the industrial minimum fuel-saving value and opens up to an era of super fuel saving 500+ for China's logistics industry.

Delong X3000 Golden Version natural gas tractor as a leader of natural gas heavy truck is developed by SHACMAN for daily commodity transmission in combining with national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy and decreasing customers’ operation cost. It features Weichai 13L natural gas engine, Fast 12-gear aluminum cover transmission, Hande axle with MAN technology, and 995L natural gas cylinder. Furthermore, it has a decisive advantage over diesel vehicle in lowing operation cost.

Delong New M3000 sanitation muck dumper is an environmental friendly heavy truck developed by SHACMAN to meet the real demand for urban construction and is named as “ambassador to remove haze and fog”.

Delong L3000 stake truck uses retrofitted van chassis with super strong power, comfort driving and convenient operation, aiming at creating high quality for customers.

Delong New 3000 multi-functional road sweeper is purely developed by SHACMAN for urban sanitation and is named with “city beautician”. It uses Delong new M3000 chassis and the cleaning rate is over 90%. The launch of the product indicates SHACMAN masters the three core technologies of high-end cleaning sanitation vehicles and the production capability of cleaning vehicles.

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