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Sichuan Hyundai Teams up with Cummins to Launch MIGHTY in September

Date:2017-07-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 25, Sichuan Hyundai organizes a press release conference in Ziyang plant for its new generation of MIGHTY light truck in the presence of over 80 audiences including journalists, dealers and users. MIGHTY is a high-end logistics vehicle which uses brand new exterior, passenger car like interior and multifunctional specification. It is expected to be launched in September this year.

Sichuan Hyundai to Start Partnership with Cummins and Launch MIGHTY in September

Mr. Sun Zhentian, Chairman of Sichuan Hyundai tells in his speech that “MIGHTY light truck relying on mature technology, outstanding quality, accurate targeting and advantageous brand will rapidly grow to the main force in middle and short distance logistics market. Together with COUNTY high-end business bus, Xcient high-end heavy truck, CHMC medium and high-end commercial vehicle, it will drive Sichuan Hyundai stepping towards top 10 Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises.

As an important strategic vehicle, MIGHTY receives much attention due to its task to lay down a good reputation and build up a good brand image for Sichuan Hyundai light truck products. MIGHTY is especially eye-catching in design and quality. It is developed on the basis of previous MIGHTY by introducing South Korean producing technology and quality management system. It is created for China’s high-end logistics market by combining Hyundai technology and applying for state-of-art technologies and intelligent specifications.

Sichuan Hyundai to Start Partnership with Cummins and Launch MIGHTY in September

MIGHTY has new design in exterior with simple and clear body styling and tough, classic style. The driving cab uses a style focusing on the driver. The wide body maximizes inner space. The multifunctional interior and central control are optimized according to ergonomics, bringing customers with a driving experience similar with passenger car.

In addition, in terms of chassis and power, MIGHTY have undergone strong duration tests: over 100 actual vehicle tests through 1.3 million km performance tests from Hainan to Heilongjiang and then to Nanyang in South Korea. The whole vehicle passes 49 strict comparison tests. It can cope with various road conditions by accurate adjustment specific to China’s overall full road environment. MIGHTY is all superior to its same kind in terms of body/door, steering/suspension, engine, driving and braking.

Sichuan Hyundai to Start Partnership with Cummins and Launch MIGHTY in September

At the release conference, Sichuan Hyundai also signs official strategic cooperation agreement with Cummins. The joining this time is based on the principle of “honest cooperation, mutual benefits, common development and win-win situation”. They reach many common protocols in products, technology and after sales service. The two sides will utilize each side’s superior resources to optimize supply chain of engine system and make breakthroughs by mutual cooperation.


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