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Special Vehicle Turns a Record Production to 1.2 Million Units

Date:2017-08-03 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Data from China Automotive Technology&Research Center shows in the first half year, the production of China’s 8 categories of special vehicles has reported a 31.69% rise year-on-year to a record 1,176,505 units, which indicates that the trend in demand is positive in China’s special vehicle market.

Special Vehicles Turns a Record Production to 1.2 Million Units in First Half Ye

The growth of tanker ranks No. 1 among the 8 categories, rising by 76.50%. The total production is 62,430 units. The production of mixer is 35,132 units with a high growth rate of 196.30%.

The production of van stands at 340,465 units, rose by -1.40%, roughly the same compared to the same period last year, 33404 units for Dumper totals, up 59.10% and 14,450 units for garbage dump truck, up by 153.60%.

The stake truck totals 141726 units, up 11.30%.

The grane/life truck amounted to 18,419 units, up 64.80%. The production of automobile crane is 9,260 units, up 85.80%; 1,553 units for hydraulic aerial cage, up 32.30%; and 7,316 units for loading crane, up 51.50%.

In the first half of 2017, special vehicles witnessed a growth of 41.90%, with 25,924 units sold, concrete pump truck sales is up 113.20% to 2,720 units, sweeper truck sales rise by 15.30% to 2,229 units, and wrecker sales up 0.30% to 5,039 units.

The normal dumper delivers a strong growth of 57.40% to 169,306 units, 384,831 units for semi trailer, up 69.20%, 48,853 units for tank semi trailers, up 52.20%, 97,754 units for the low bed semi trailer, up 103.70%, 40,740 units for normal semi trailer, up 112.30%; the stake semi trailer sales stands at 133,353 units, up 101.60%; the container semi trailer sales stand at 21,866 units, up -54.60%; the car carrier semi trailer sales reach 1,119 units, up -12.10%; and the dumper semi trailer rise by 597.70% to 34509 units.

In general, there is a strong demand for special vehicles thanks to national investment in fixed asset and various infrastructure projects. Also, the logistics special vehicle keeps a high growth trend and special purpose motor vehicles see a steady growth trend.


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