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China LNG Group Introduces 50 Units SHACMAN LNG Trucks

Date:2017-08-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, SHACMAN successfully delivered 50 units LNG trucks to China LNG Group. Specifically, all the 50 units trucks are SHACMAN Delong X3000, which are particularly designed for transporting dangerous chemicals.

China LNG Group Introduces 50 Units SHACMAN LNG Trucks

Equipped with Weichai WP13,380 engine and Fast 12 transmission gearbox + Fast hydraulic retarder, the truck is an ideal choice for truck operators. Despite the harsh weather conditions and challenging road conditions in northwest China, SHACMAN Delong X3000 can help truck operators save 0.9 RMB per kilometer for fuel. Suppose each truck will drive 200,000 kilometers, it will help them cut fuel costs by 180,000 RMB every year.

Another highlight of the vehicle is its Desn 995 L gas tank, which fully ensures long-distance transport and lowers the times for gas-refilling. In addition, the truck is mounted with Michelin 12R22.5 vacuum tires and Alcoa steel wheel hubs, further improving the safety standards of the vehicle.

China LNG Group Introduces 50 Units SHACMAN LNG Trucks

At the tail of SHACMAN Delong X3000 is a Chart semi-trailer with a volume of 52.6 cubic meters. With multi-layers of aluminum foils and fiber paper on its outside, the semi-trailer can fully ensure the temperature inside stays at a constant level.

In  an effort to build an integrated logistic & trading networks, China LNG Group has been introducing LNG trucks to its truck fleet. It has set up Northwest China Clean Energy Transport Base in Fuping, Shaanxi Province. Soon, the company will launch its pilot projects in Huanggang, Hubei Province and Yuncheng, Shandong Province. In these two places, it will make investments to build gas-filling stations and provide financing and rental services for upgrading a number of trucks from oil-fueled driving systems to LNG-fueled driving systems.


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