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Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

Date:2017-08-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

KHL Yellow Table 2017: XCMG Becomes the ONLY Chinese Enterprise in TOP 10

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

www.chinatrucks.com: In the ranking released by KHL, the world-leading information provider on construction machinery industry, XCMG ranks NO.8 and successfully becomes the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise listed in TOP10 around the world. Against the downward trend of the whole construction machinery industry in 2016, XCMG made corresponding adjustments and moved from NO.9 in 2016 to NO.8 in 2017, fully justifying its strength and potential in the international platform.

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines held a Meeting with Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

From Feb 23rd to 27th, Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG conducted a successful visit to the Philippines with delegates of XCMG representatives. President Rodrigo Duterte met with Mr. Wang Min and had a brief meeting. Mr. Wang Min introduced XCMG’s development since its entry into the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte highly appreciated XCMG’s contribution to the infrastructure construction and environmental protection.

Conexpo-Con/Agg: The Journey of XCMG Rebranding “Made in China” in U.S. Market

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

From 7th to 11th of March, Conexpo-Con/Agg was grandly held in Las Vegas, USA. As the representative of China’s construction machinery manufacturer and the pioneer in intelligent manufacturing, XCMG showed its excellent products with cutting-edge technologies at the exhibition and won widespread recognition and praise from global customers.

XCMG Indonesia Opens to Expand XCMG’s Overseas Footprint

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

The grand opening ceremony of XCMG Indonesia was held in Westin Jakarta on May 30, 2017. XCMG Indonesia will support benign development of distributors and promote sustainable development of XCMG in Indonesia, laying a solid foundation for XCMG to increase its influence upon the entire Asia Pacific regions.

XCMG XuGong Kazakhstan Established in Almaty

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

The opening ceremony of XCMG XuGong Kazakhstan was held in Almaty, a southern city of the nation. Mr. Miao Hongbo, Consul-general, Mr. Liu Hongyue, Commercial Counselor of China’s Consulate General in Almaty and XCMG’s President Mr. Wang Min, Assistant President Mr. Liu Jiansen and other major agents of XCMG in Kazakhstan attended the ceremony.

Mr. Liu Jiansen introduced the development history of XCMG in Kazakhstan and the strategic and marketing plans of the company’s local branch, saying that, in future, by joining hands with local distributors, XCMG Kazakhstan Company shall provide local customers with a more perfect one-stop experience and facilitate the sustainable development of XCMG in the country, creating a solid foundation for radiating over the whole Central Asia.

CCTV Exclusive: XCMG Enters into European Markets with USD 290 million Export Volumes to the “Belt and Road” Countries in First Four Months

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, said to the reporter that: “In the first four months of 2017, XCMG has exported products worth USD 290 million, an increase of 97% over the same period of last year. This won’t be happening if we fail to keep on building our brand, improving our services, enhancing the quality of products and earning the trust of customers. In the coming years or decades, we will input capital, energy and manpower into global efforts, in particular those in countries along the Belt and Road. This includes merger and acquisition, networking construction and base development.”

Vice Mayor of Xuzhou Highly Appreciates XCMG’s Contribution to the Import and Export Growth of Xuzhou

According to the data released by the Customs, the export volume of XCMG in May has exceeded RMB 400 million, a year-on-year increase of 135%. Vice mayor, Mr. Xu Haidong sent a letter of appreciation to XCMG, on behalf of the Municipal Government of Xuzhou, expressing his gratitude to XCMG for its contribution to the import and export growth of Xuzhou.

XCMG: Industry’s TOP 1 of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

On June 22, 2017, the news release of 14th World Brand Summit & 14th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands was held in Beijing. The World Brand Lab issued the ranking of 2017 China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, XCMG claimed the leading position in China’s construction machinery industry, ranking No.67 with a brand value of RMB 51.243 billion, improving RMB 8.162 billion compared with that of 2016 (RMB 43.081 billion) with growth rate of 18.9%. It marks the fourth consecutive year of top ranking in the industry since XCMG’s entry.

Senior Government Officials from 12 Countries Paid a Special Visit to XCMG, Showing Great Potential for the Deepening Cooperation on Urban Infrastructure Construction in Africa

Top 10 News of XCMG Over the First Half of 2017

Recently, some 38 senior government officials on urban infrastructure construction from 12 developing countries paid a special visit to XCMG and carried out in-depth exchanges of experience with the company’s representatives concerning urban infrastructure construction and planning. The visiting focus on XCMG set by CCCME is to assist officials from developing countries to exchange and borrow the company’s experience in participating urban infrastructure construction in a more direct, tridimensional and comprehensive manner via the experience of XCMG.

Chairman Mr. Wang Min Delivers a Keynote Speech at the 13th China Industrial Forum.

The 13th China Industrial Forum was grandly held in Diaoyutai, Beijing. As a pioneer and leader in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG was invited to attend this forum. Chairman Mr. Wang Min delivered a keynote speech on climbing the Mount Everst of industry with leading technology and everlasting products.

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