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Chenglong L3 & H5 Make Their Debut in Zhengzhou

Date:2017-08-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On August 26, Chenglong officially released its new products, L3 and H5 in Zhengzhou, Henan province. On the first day, the sales of the two vehicles combined reached 123 units.

Chenglong L3 & H5 Make Their Debut in Zhengzhou

As a blockbuster of Chenglong, L3 is chiefly targeted at urban logistic transport. Boasting larger space and more travel comforts, it fully meets the requirements of truck operators in central China. Equipped with Yuchai engine and Wanliyang six-speed transmission gearbox, the vehicle is in line with National V Emission Standards. Containers measuring from 4.2 meters to 7.65 meters are available for customers. One L3 with a 6.75-meter container mounted weighs 4,180 kg, 300 kg lower than its counterparts.

Chenglong L3 & H5 Make Their Debut in Zhengzhou

As a heavy-duty vehicle, Chenglong H5 immediately grabbed media and public attention on the first day of its release. Built on the success of Chenglong H7, H5 is equipped with premium engine, Fast transmission gearbox, large-volume oil tank and lighter chassis. According to Chenglong, H5 is an ideal choice for agricultural product transport, fast delivery and distribution market.

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