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The First Accessory Flagship Store of Yuchai in Saudi Arabia Put into Operation

Date:2017-09-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, Qianjin Automobile Trade Company Yuchai Accessory Flagship Store, the first of its kind authorized by Yuchai officially came into operation in Saudi Arabia, which marks that Yuchai Group has set up a new milestone of accessory sale in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Bahah Region is the place where the leading pilgrimage vehicle companies and school bus companies choose to set up headquarters, and thousands of passenger cars are gathered. The main stem of Al-Bahah Region is the only way that pilgrimage vehicles and school buses must take for the round trip between Jeddah and Mecca. The flagship store is located at the roadside of Highway 290 of the Al-Bahah Region, and thus enjoys a superior geographic position. Less than half a month since its operation, the store has earned its reputation in the circle of pilgrimage vehicle companies, school bus companies, and main engine plants.

It was learnt that Yuchai Service Station-Qianjin Automobile Trade Company was built in strict accordance to the flagship store standard of Yuchai overseas authorized accessory store. Referring to the various models exported to Saudi Arabia, especially the batches of models newly exported to Saudi Arabia this year, the flagship store reserved sufficient accessories to provide strong support to the market in Saudi Arabia. In addition, Yuchai accessory flagship store presented the brand strength of Yuchai Group, promoted the market confidence in Yuchai brand and provided a strong support for Yuchai Group to expand its market in Saudi Arabia.

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