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Daimler AG Ready To Bring Electric Trucks In India

Date:2017-09-26 Source:drivespark

www.chinatrucks.com: Daimler AG has completed five years in the Indian market with the BharatBenz brand and also introduced the country's first Euro-V compliant truck. Daimler has also launched an electric Fuso e Canter truck in New York. The German automaker has stated that it is ready to bring its electric trucks to the Indian market.

Daimler AG Ready To Introduce Electric Trucks In India

Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, Marc Llistosella stated that the company is willing to introduce the electric trucks in India if it gets good infrastructure support, local partnership and cooperation from the local bodies. He said, "The government needs to show real cases of electric infrastructure for vehicles. Not prototypes, but real cases which work."

Daimler has a programme for electric trucks in the global market and is working with local companies across different cities such as New York and London. The automaker also revealed that it is working on superchargers to charge electric trucks in just five minutes.

Speaking of hybrid trucks, Bharat Benz Managing Director, Eric Nesselhauf stated that the hybrid trucks are not a long-term solution for the Indian market. He said that it is similar to the bio-diesel technology which requires a lot of investment but yields lesser results.

Daimler AG also wants to offer environment-friendly products to the customers in India. In line with the idea, the company launched India's first Euro-V compliant medium-duty truck.

The Government of India has an ambitious plan of having all-electric vehicles by 2030. Now, Daimler AG has also revealed that it is ready to introduce electric trucks in India. But the main hurdle will be the infrastructure in the country with sufficient charging stations for eco-friendly vehicles.


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