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Sinotruk Secures an Order for 257 Natural Gas Trucks

Date:2017-09-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, Sinotruk successfully secured an order of 257 natural gas truck at the product promotion held in Xinzhou, Shan Xi province. This order includes Haohan J7G and Howo T7H, which are also the highlights at the event. Howo T7H and Haohan J7G have been designed to meet various demands for transporting coal.

Sinotruk Secures an Order for 257 Natural Gas Trucks

Haohan J7G natural gas truck produces a low emission but still has a large horsepower. It is understood that Haohan J7G, equipped with MT13 engine, can produce a maximum horsepower of 430 and torque of 1900N.m, the strongest in natural gas truck. Furthermore, the engine uses international leading CFV continuous gas supply system that provides accurate and stable fuel control to achieve the best combustion state. It can save gas up to 10%-15% against its competitors.

Over 10 items of upgrades have been made to suspension, leaf spring and natural gas cylinder stent in order to adapt to the coal transporting and improve driving enjoyment and economics. So to say, J7G tractor is born for coal transporting with both the advantages of environmental protection and strong power.

Sinotruk Secures an Order for 257 Natural Gas Trucks

As China is facing greater pressure to protect the environment, people begin to turn their eyes to natural gas trucks. That’s why natural gas trucks are in hot sale in recent two years.

Under tighter emission controls, natural gas tractor welcomes a great opportunity. In late 2016, Sinotruk introduced Haohan J7G equipped with MT13 power, and as of now, 7,000 units have been sold and highly recognized by customers. It is expected to reach 20,000 units by the end of this year, up by 80%.


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