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Dongfeng to Bring Seven Popular Vehicles on Display at 2017 CCVS

Date:2017-11-03 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

2017 China Commercial Vehicle Show is set to raise its curtains on November 4 at Wuhan International Exhibition Center. Dongfeng has already announced that it will bring seven popular vehicles on display, including Dongfeng KC Flagship 6×4 truck, Dongfeng KC 6×4 truck, Dongfeng KC 6×2 truck, Dongfeng KC 8×4 construction truck, Dongfeng KC 6×4 Muck Truck, Dongfeng KR 4×2 truck, Dongfeng KR 4×2 Dumper.

Dongfeng KC Flagship 6×4 truck represents the highest manufacturing technology of Dongfeng at present. Built on the huge success of Dongfeng KC 6×4 truck, the vehicle achieves even better fuel economy and is ideal choice for transporting goods in large sizes.

Dongfeng KC 6×2 truck, equipped with the latest version of DDi engine, has been gaining growing popularity among customers since the start of this year.

Dongfeng KC 8×4 construction truck features higher efficiency, stronger loading capacity and a higher level of intelligence, becoming an indispensable part of urban construction.

Dongfeng KC 6×4 muck truck is chiefly targeted at the urban dredge transport market. It not only achieves high reliability and high fuel economy, but also provides great comforts for drivers.

Dongfeng KR 4×2 truck is mainly designed for the long-distance logistic market

Dongfeng KR 4×2 dumper is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It can be chiefly used for transporting dredges and gravels for urban construction.

With such a constellation of star products, Dongfeng aims to fully showcase its formidable strengths and its commitment to green transport.(www.chinatrucks.com)


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