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Dongfeng KC Engineering Vehicles Makes Debut

Date:2017-11-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, Dongfeng officially released its brand new KC engineering vehicles to the market, aiming to provide customers with more durable and reliable transport solutions.

Dongfeng  KC Engineering Vehicle Makes Its Debut

Along with the increased urbanization in China, the demand for engineering vehicles have become more varied. Dongfeng KC engineering vehicles, with several highly competitive features, has proved itself irresistible to many customers.

First and foremost, Dongfeng KC engineering vehicles are equipped with dCi engine. With large displacement, the engine can help the vehicles deliver powerful performances even in some harsh and demanding working conditions. With its bumper 780 mm above the ground, its water tank 720 mm above the ground, and its front axle 310 mm above the ground, the vehicles can work smoothly on some muddy roads.

Dongfeng  KC Engineering Vehicle Makes Its Debut

Secondly, equipped with a sturdy structure, Dongfeng KC engineering vehicles have further improved the overall resilience and strength of its rear part, helping the vehicles fully meet the frequent operation of lifting. On slopes or some bumpy roads, the vehicles still achieve high stability. In addition, it has further improved its loading capacity.

Thirdly, Dongfeng KC engineering vehicles provides more travel comforts for drivers. Having passed the anti-collision test for heavy-duty commercial vehicles in Europe, the vehicles deliver greater braking power. In addition, customers can choose Jacob engine, which cuts the frequent use of its braking system and improves its overall lifespan. With better insulation from noise, heat or coldness, the driver’s cockpit of the vehicles have an ergonomically designed seat, centrally controlled lock, and electronically controlled window. In a word, the vehicles are becoming more maneuverable for drivers.

Dongfeng  KC Engineering Vehicle Makes Its Debut

Fourthly, to suit the increasingly diverse needs of customers, Dongfeng KC engineering vehicles have different versions available, such as construction waste vehicles, mining engineering vehicles, heavy-duty road transport vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, and vehicles for overseas markets. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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