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JAC Euro V Diesel Pick-up Launched into Chile Market

Date:2017-11-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On Nov.10th , JAC Euro V Diesel Pick-up was officially launched into the Chile market, which means that JAC Euro V diesel pick-up has successfully entered the overseas market.

As JAC traditional high-end market, Chile distributor has always devoted itself to JAC new products'promotion. Since gasoline pick-up was introduced in May, 2016, JAC and the Chile distributor together realized Euro V diesel pick-up launch this time, which marked that JAC has completed the portfolio of diesel pick-up and gasoline pick-up combination in Chile.

This time, the distributor firstly arranged the sales staffs' training and test drive at the end of October, and then started the pilot sale in the main nets, within the short ten days, it has realized the sales of 33 units.

JAC Euro V Diesel Pick-up Launched into Chile Market

On Nov.12th, the distributor has invited famous media for test-drive. On the date of the activity, 20 journalists from the main media drove 7 pick-ups to leave from Santiago headquarter to the highlands with the elevation of 1200m, and the total test dive distance was 300km.

The test drive was held in adverse road conditions, completely demonstrating the diesel four drive pick-up's power and pass ability.

After the test drive, many media have published the reports, officially announcing the official launch of JAC diesel pick-up. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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