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CNHTC Develops Customized Vehicles to Suit Customers’ Special Requirements

Date:2017-11-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Early this year, China National Heavy-duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (CNHTC) officially launched a new marketing campaign to target its customers in ten major areas with 100 units different vehicles.

CNHTC Develops Customized Vehicles to Suit Customers’ Special Requirements

In the first ten months this year, the sales of CNHTC’s vehicles equipped with MAN technologies grew by 140% year on year. It accounts for 45% of CNHTC’s overall sales. Without doubt, CNHTC’s vehicles with MAN technologies have become a major force.

In addition, HOWO and Hohan, two other brands owned by CNHTC, also saw impressive gains in their sales, up by 90% year on year.

HOWO-T7H, HOWO-T5G and Hohan J7G, all of which are equipped with MAN technologies, have become the star products of CNHTC.

CNHTC Develops Customized Vehicles to Suit Customers’ Special Requirements

Equipped with MC11,MC13 or MT13 engines, HOWO-T7H has successfully lowered its body weight and achieves higher safety standards, higher reliability, and higher fuel economy. Moreover, it provides more comforts for its drivers. So far, it has won several honorary titles, including 2017 Recommended Logistic Vehicle, 2017 Logistic Vehicle Innovation Prize, 2017 Recommended Vehicle for Transporting Dangerous Chemicals, and China’s Recommended Truck.

Built on the great success of its predecessor which has won several major prizes for trucks in Europe, HOWO-T5G has MC07, MC05 and MT07 power choices available for its customers. With high fuel economy, high reliability, strong power, and low body weight, the vehicle is perfectly suitable for express delivery, frozen products transportation and transportation for other special purposes.

Hohan J7G is equipped with MAN MT13 natural gas engine. With the strongest horsepower among all natural gas powered trucks in China, the vehicle only consumes 29-32 kg of natural gas for every 100 km. Thus, it is extremely competitive compared with its counterparts.

In 2017, CNHTC’s business in four major business areas, including its trucks, self-dumping vehicles, cargo transport vehicles and vehicles for special purposes, grew by 85%, 86%, 22% and 144% respectively in the first ten months. By further optimizing its products and diversifying its product line, CNHTC has launched a series promotional activities for its vehicles, further enhancing its market presence. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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