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Sinotruk J7G LNG Tractor Highly Favored by Logistics Company

Date:2018-06-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Just 15 months after MAN-powered J7G LNG tractor launching in China, Xinjiang Hengchang logistics has placed a total order of 416 units. What makes Xinjiang Hengchang logistics like J7G LNG so much?

Sinotruk J7G LNG Tractor Highly Favored by Logistics Company

“The trucks we use for coal transportation are all from Sinotruk, namely, the J7G LNG tractor” according to Xi Zhanfu, Chief at Xinjiang Hengchang Logistics.

The coal trucks run about 700 kilometers a day on a two-way trip. Although it is used for short or medium travel distance, driving in rough road conditions on village road still requires special power and comfort. Fortunately, J7G LNG is powered by MT13 engine, allowing it to complete complex assignments with greater ease. With a max 430 hp power and 1900 N.m torque, J7G LNG tractor performs as well as diesel vehicles.

Another highlight for Haohan J7G LNG is its four-point suspension cab, which features damping seats with heating function. Lots of vehicles make you feel bad about yourself when travelling on bumped road while Haohan J7G doesn’t get you such a feeling at all thanks to the improved chassis with prolonged front leaf spring etc. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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