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Dayun E8 Heavy-duty Electric Truck Joins the Fight for Blue Skies

Date:2018-08-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

The 14th Beijing International New Energy Automobile and Charging Technology Equipment Exhibition kicked off at the old venue of China International Exhibition Center in Jing’an Zhuang, Beijing, July 13, 2018. Nearly 200 automobile manufacturers from home and abroad attended the event. Dayun E8, as a heavy duty electric trucks, were displayed on the exhibition and drew a lot of attention from visitors.

Dayun E8 Heavy-duty Electric Truck Joins the Fight for Blue Skies

Dayun, as the first one to applicate for producing heavy duty all-electric trucks in China, has started to develop electric tractor in 2016 and taken the first place in sales for two years in a row.

Seen from the high-roof cab, Dayun E8 heavy duty electric truck looks a lot like N8E. It may seem a bit luxury with a high-roof cab used for port and coal tranport, but it will reduce the drag of the rear battery pack and save fuel consuption to a certain extent. As light weight design has been considered as a core part for new energy heavy duty trucks, Dayun E8 weighs only around 12 tonnes.

Speaking of battery, motor and electric control, Dayun E8 comes standard with Prestolite e-propulsion (rated power 250KW, peak power 350KW) and Top Gear power, which have been proved to be reliable after going through rigorous testing standards. In addition to lateral stabilizer bar and multiple leaf springs on front axle, it ensures reliable operation under heavy load conditions.

The battery is provided by CATL. There are 4 battery packs of lithium iron phosphate with a total power of 236.7kWh. The vehicle can drive 140km after being fully charged in half an hour by a fast charger.

Instead of driving with a non-wheel motor, Dayun E8 electric heavy-duty truck adopts the same driving mode as traditional vehicle. The 16-tonne wheel reduction rear axle enables it to operate smoothly under various difficult working conditions. It is easy to operate with the I-type thrust bar and neat pipe line layout. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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