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Liuzhou Motor Offers SF a 30-Day Trial of Chenglong L2 EV

Date:2018-08-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Liuzhou motor launched a 30 day trial program with SF in order to show how Chenglong L2 EV performs. The trial started from June 27, 2018 until July 25, 2018, the test shows that the EV consumes 1386.3 kilowatt-hour of electricity in total to travel a distance of 4105 km.

Chenglong L2 EV were able to deliver loads on city distribution routes with a maximum range of 200 kilometers per charge. This can fully meet requirements for almost all urban and city distribution. Equipped with either lithium manganese oxide or lithium-ion battery, it took only two hours to be fully charged by fast charger.

The water cooling permanent magnet synchronous motor provided by Jingjin Electric motor is able to output a rated/max power of 89/160kW along with a rated/peak torque of 500/950 Nm at 1700/4500 rpm. The Semikron motor control system could take control of speed ratio at 6.167 when travelling at 90KM/H, which fits the stop and go traffic on city streets.

Chenglong L2 EV is based on the Chenglong-made chasis for light-trucks. The 5T rear axle gives the truck greater loading ability. Outfitted with a wheelbase of 3360mm and box height of 2100mm, Chenglong L2 is large enough to fit all of your stuff in city distribution. This model measures 3360mm in wheelbase and 2100mm in box height, so it makes sure your truck is large enough to fit urban logistics delivery. The truck also has a wide cab to accommodate three people.

Chenglong L2 EV is outfitted with dual-circuit brake, storage spring for parking brake, along with ABS and air brake to make sure there will be more protection there. At safety, Chenglong has developed the most advanced battery, motor and electric control. Chenglong L2 EV has a very low center of gravity and the upper surface of the frame is 50mm lower than the same kind.

Chenglong L2 EV belongs to a new energy vehicle based on its light-duty truck platform, which delivers good performance in economy, safety and loadability. As a leading express provider in China, SF Express ("SF") has ranked 11th among the top 100 ranking of China’s vaulable brands. The trial cooperation itself between SF and Chenglong is the best way to show Chenglong L2 EV’ strength. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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