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IAA 2018: FAWDE Launched Aowei 6DM3 with MAHLE Llaser-welded Steel Piston

Date:2018-09-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

"Combination of Chinese and Western products into steel" Mahler laser welded steel piston firstly was equipped on FWEDE Aowei 6DM3. The product joint conference was held at the Hanover Motor Show in Germany. At the press conference, FAW Jiefang Engine Division and Germany MAHLE declared together that the world's first laser welded steel piston successfully applied. The successful application of this technology marked the FAWDE engine has entered the forefront of world in the application of new technologies.

IAA 2018: FAWDE Launched Aowei 6DM3 with MAHLE Llaser-welded Steel Piston

Assistant to the minister of the FAW Liberation Business Division, Assistant General Manager of the Liberation Company, Party Secretary and General Manager of the FAW Jiefang Engine Division Qian Hengrong, Deputy General Manager of FAW Jiefang Engine Division Huang Chenghai, Hou Fujian, CEO of the German MAHLE Group Dr .Jörg Stratmann, Executive Vice President Anrd Franz, Georg Dietz, Vice President of First Division, Matthias Fix, Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Sales, Hu Kun, President of China, and Xu Huanping, Vice President of Sales of China and so on attended the conference, Xinhua News Agency, well-known media and on-site audiences such as People's Daily, CCTV4, China Auto News, and witnessed this new product launch event.

Aowei Power Shine International

Hannover Motor Show was the longest, largest and most influential commercial vehicle exhibition in world history. It was also the first stage for global commercial vehicles and parts companies to introduce new products and display new technologies.

The business unit cooperated with MAHLE to hold a new product launch conference at the Hannover Auto Show, demonstrating the courage of the business unit to compete with the world-class brands, demonstrating the ability and confidence of the business unit to serve the world's truck users (including European and American users).

IAA 2018: FAWDE Launched Aowei 6DM3 with MAHLE Llaser-welded Steel Piston

At the press conference, the FAWDE Aowei 6DM3 first equipped with MAHLE laser-welded steel piston products achieved five major improvements through five “further”.

Further increase power and torque to improve the power of the whole machine. Using laser welding technology, the cooling of the steel piston is optimized, and the piston ring groove temperature is reduced by nearly 50 oC, which provides good temperature conditions for further power and torque.

Further reduce the frictional power consumption of the piston and improve the fuel economy of the whole machine. The laser welding technology can reduce the high piston compression, appropriately increase the length of the connecting rod, reduce the side thrust generated on the cylinder liner during the piston movement, reduce the frictional power consumption of the piston, and reduce the fuel consumption of the whole machine.

Further reduce the height of the cylinder and increase the price competitiveness. Laser welding technology can reduce the height of the cylinder, reduce the weight of the engine and reduce the material cost. It is estimated that the direct material cost of each 6DM3 diesel engine can only be reduced by more than 100 RMB.

Further extend the mileage of oil replacement and improve the economy of the whole machine. The use of laser-welded steel pistons can optimize the temperature of the piston cooling oil chamber and the piston ring groove, avoid high-temperature gelation and aging of the oil, further extend the oil replacement mileage, and achieve an oil change interval of 100,000 kilometers or more.

Further reduce the risk of failure and improve the stability and durability of the whole machine. The use of laser welded steel piston can enhance the overall rigidity of the piston. The piston deforms less under high burst pressure, the oil consumption is more stable, and the whole machine runs more stably and reliably. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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