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Hino Improves Kenyan Customers Experience with the Brand

Date:2018-10-12 Source:nation.co.ke

Hino continues to get even closer to its customers in Kenya in a bid to improve their experience.

That is why Hino Executive Vice-President Satoru Mori visited the country for four days (from September 28 to October) 2 to meet and engage with local customers of the brand.Hino Improves Kenyan Customers Experience with the Brand

Mr Mori listened to what Kenyan buyers of Hino trucks and buses really want – and took that information back to Japan where the brand is a top performer.


For more than 40 years, Hino has consistently maintained the highest market share in Japan for medium duty and heavy duty trucks.

Year by year, it has also been growing its share of the light duty trucks in that market.

Overall, when combined with the Toyota Dyna’s market share, Hino is number one in the total trucks range.

The Japanese market is extremely demanding. Customers demand high levels of product quality and service.

In spite of this demand, Hino has managed to satisfy customers, winning the largest market share.

Hino’s impressive performance in the Japanese market is due to the reliability of the company’s product and its dealers’ expansive service network in Japan.


In Kenya, the truck and bus firm is growing together with its customers through Hino’s total support philosophy.

The visit by Hino executive vice president to Kenya is part of this drive to give customers total support – by listening to what they really want.

Hino division is the heavy commercial division of Toyota Kenya and represents the Toyota Group in the global market for trucks and buses.


Hino has the entire model range from light duty to medium duty and heavy duty.

The Hino light duty trucks are known as Hino 300 series. Hino medium duty trucks belong to Hino 500 series while Hino heavy duty trucks are known as Hino 700 series.

The models already introduced in Kenya are the Hino 300 series and Hino 500 series.


Being a Toyota Group company, Hino Kenya has countrywide representation across the elaborate Toyota Kenya network.

The Hino Kenya head office is located in South C, Nairobi and it also has a dedicated branch at Ngong Road Toyota, Nairobi.

Hino Kenya’s business development consultants are available in all Toyota Kenya outlets across the country. Hino Kenya has five dealers with a vibrant sales force, ready to serve.


Hino Kenya has taken a lot of time in researching and utilising technologies that ensure that fuel consumption by the vehicle is minimal while still maximizing on its power output.


Aftersales support is vital for the prosperity of the business.

Hino Kenya does not accept any downtime on the part of our customers’ vehicles.

At Hino Kenya, the philosophy is “Customers’ Business First” and they strive to ensure that parts are readily available across the country.

Hino Kenya has a well-trained team that services vehicles across its vast branch network.

As for the parts, one can access Hino genuine parts and services at any Hino Kenya branch.

Hino Kenya offers eco drive training to customers which reduces the vehicle’s running costs and enhances fuel economy.

In addition to that, eco drive training also addresses the following:


Reduce accidents.

Environment protection.

Driver Attitude change.

Driving to save fuel: drivers improve by between 15 to 35 percent on fuel saving which greatly reduces the vehicle running costs

Driving to achieve lower maintenance costs.

Driving to increase the service life of the vehicle. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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