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Cummins Attends Shanghai International Auto Show

Date:2019-04-18 Author:Linda Source:www.chinabuses.org

On April 16, 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show officially kicked off. Cummins rolled out an integrated power solution with National VI Emission Standards at this year’s exhibition to meet customers’ rising demands for vehicles. On display are engines (2.8L, 3.8L, 4.5L, 6.7L, 12L and 14L) with National VI Emission Standards.

Cummins Attend Shanghai International Auto Show

Cummins 2.8L engine delivers power from 96 kW to 130 kW and achieves a torque from 320 N.m to 450 N.m. Having improved its power performance by 20%, it has further lowered its noise level by three decibel.

Cummins 3.8L engine delivers power from 105 kW to 140 kW and achieves a torque from 500 N.m to 700 N.m. With higher reliability, it has introduced an intelligent fuel consumption management, further improving its overall fuel economy.

Cummins 4.5L engine delivers power from 140 kW to 162 kW and achieves a torque from 700 N.m to 820 N.m. Greatly improving its power performance, it has also tremendously enhanced its fuel economy and overall reliability.

Cummins 6.7L engine delivers power from 169 kW to 232 kW and achieves a torque from 900 N.m to 1,200 N.m. With 1,800 bar fuel jetting pressure, it has further lowered operation costs for operators.

Cummins 12L engine delivers power from 265 kW to 360 kW and achieves a torque from 1,900 N.m to 2,300 N.m. With more powerful performances and higher reliability, it has introduced intelligent technologies to improve its overall fuel economy. d

Cummins 14L engine delivers power from 358 kW to 441 kW and achieves a torque from 2,400 N.m to 2,750 N.m. Having lowered its weight by 250 kg and improved its torque by 14%, it has also improved its energy efficiency.

Cummins Attend Shanghai International Auto Show

Apart from exhibiting its newly developed engines, Cummins also brought some key spare parts on display, including emission treatment systems, turbo-charging systems, fuel combustion & electronic control systems, gas intake & outlet systems, light weight single post-treatment module, medium single U-shaped post-treatment module, heavy U-shaped post-treatment module, urea tank, electromagnetic valves, UL2.2 urea pump, and UL2.2 urea injectors.

Having entered China for over four decades, Cummins has maintained a robust growing momentum in Chinese market. Committed to developing more powerful and more environmentally power solutions for customers, it has successfully developed a wide spectrum of engine products to suit customers’ special needs.

In 2018, Cummins rolled out a host of newly developed engines (2.8L-14L) with National VI Emission Standards or Euro VI Emission Standards. With even higher fuel economy, these products fully meet the varied needs and requirements in China’s commercial vehicle market. So far, they have already been widely adopted by China’s major manufacturers of commercial vehicles, including Dongfeng, Foton, Shaanqi, JAC, Liuqi, CNHTC, Dayun, SAIC IVECO, JMC, etc.


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