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JAC Light-duty Truck is Called as China Isuzu, What is Its Next Step?

Date:2019-06-25 Author:Sarah Source:JAC

Recently, Find.com learned that in some overseas light truck markets, JAC Light Truck has very high brand premium capability. Not only its product performance has been close to international high-end light truck brands such as Isuzu, but also its price has been approached to the international high-end light truck brands such as Isuzu, thus it is called "China Isuzu" by many overseas users.

JAC Light-duty Truck is Called as China Isuzu, What is its Next Step?

Why is JAC Light-duty Truck called "China Isuzu" by overseas users? In the future, how will it achieve the same quality as Isuzu?

Why is JAC Light-duty Truck called "China Isuzu"?

The influence of Japanese light truck Isuzu on domestic light trucks has continued from the last century. At the beginning of this century, the joint venture products including the imported Isuzu or Japanese Isuzu represented the highest level of domestic light trucks. As a result, Chinese light truck brands almost always use the word "Ling" when naming.

No exception is JAC Light-duty truck.

The three major brands of JAC Light-duty truck - Shuai Ling, Jun Ling, and Kang Ling, all use "Ling", the meaning of which is to "inherit the Isuzu".

Till now, JAC Light-duty truck has been ranked first among China's auto brands in multiple export markets. At the end of 2018, JAC Light-duty Truck achieved overseas exports of 210,000 units, ranking first in the domestic light truck export market.

The overseas export sales of JAC light-duty truck have kept the first position for many years; moreover, it has also established a wide overseas sales network. At present, JAC Light-duty truck has been sold to more than 140 countries and regions, and has passed the high standards of Australia's ADR certification and Russian GOST certification, besides, it has also obtained the highest market access qualification for global technology thresholds, and achieved mass sales in Russia, Italy, Turkey and other places.

JAC Light-duty Truck is Called as China Isuzu, What is its Next Step?

More importantly, JAC light-duty truck redefines 'Made in China' and constantly reverses the traditional low-end and cheap impression of 'Made in China' by overseas users. At present, JAC light-duty truck has a very high brand premium capacity in overseas markets, and even in some export markets, its price is almost the same as that of international high-end light truck brands such as Isuzu.

For this reason, JAC light-duty truck not only tears off the low-end label of 'Made in China' in the overseas market, but also enhances the brand premium ability with high-tech, high-quality, high-quality brand impression, and has become the first choice for many overseas users as China Isuzu.

How to keep up with Isuzu?

After decades of hard work, JAC light-duty truck has achieved 'inheritance of Isuzu' in terms of technology, quality and brand premium, and its future has a bigger goal – to be the real 'China Isuzu'. However, in the face of the ancestor of China's light-duty truck - Isuzu, how should JAC light-duty truck be consistent with the quality of Isuzu?

In fact, despite the large gap between the domestic light trucks and the products of Japan, Europe and the United States in the early years, and the high-end light truck market was occupied by imported and joint venture brands, many domestic light trucks have become better and better in recent years, and they are gradually aligning with the market's predecessors with the introduction of some advanced foreign automobile manufacturing technologies and the continuous research and development and improvement of Chinese car companies.

JAC light-duty truck has been surging in the past two years, and it has also made full preparations for the quality closer to Isuzu quality.

Firstly, the new plant is put into production. The JAC light-duty commercial vehicle base was relocated to the new Xingang base, and its production process equipment and technical level were fully upgraded. Its automation, informationization and intelligence level have reached a new level, making the JAC light-duty truck's vehicle production capacity,the process capacity and the test verification capability have reached the world's first-class level, thus comprehensively improving the comprehensive competitiveness of JAC light-duty truck.

Secondly, the management system is in line with international standards. After JAC established a joint venture with Volkswagen, the VDA6.1 standard and quality management resources were introduced in 2018, and the tasks of quality concept and quality management have undergone a fundamental change. More emphasis is placed on the motivation for continuous improvement, cost reduction, and prevention, and its advanced management system brings world-class intelligent manufacturing.

Thirdly, the product matrix advantage is strengthened. At present, the three major lines of Shuailing, Junling and Kangling have comprehensively upgraded the products in terms of intelligent technology, comfort technology, green technology and safety technology, and launched Shuailing Smart Logistics. A series of new models such as light trucks have been fully affirmed and highly recognized by the market, further enhancing the product matrix advantage of JAC light-duty truck.


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