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JAC T8 won the Best Intelligent Network Award Again

Date:2019-07-10 Author:Sarah Source:JAC

Recently, the "China Pickup Blue Book" conference was held in the Beijing Automobile Museum. The conference not only discussed the development of the pickup truck industry, but also commended the outstanding enterprises that made great contributions to the pickup industry in China. Among them, T8 pickup, which is positioned in the “SUV-level Intelligent Connected Super Grand Pickup”, has won the Best Intelligent Network Award for its remarkable product advantages and advanced intelligent network configurations. It is the benchmark for China's smart pickups.

JAC T8 won the Best Intelligent Network Award Again

With the rapid development of information technology, intelligent cars have become a trend. JAC T8 is a high-end smart pickup, and its intelligent network technology, comfort and outstanding off-road have lead the pickup segments. The sales volumes of the first three-months had exceeded 6,000 units, which was well received by consumers.

For a high-end smart pickup, a full range of intelligent security systems can highlight its high-end quality. The Bosch 9.1 version ESP body electronic stability control system equipped in the T8 can monitor the vehicle status at any time during driving, avoiding the side slips and drifts of the vehicle during braking and cornering, helping users to better control the direction of the vehicle and improve vehicle safety. The 360-degree panoramic image allows the user to observe the situation around the vehicle in real time, avoiding accidents caused by the blind spot of the rearview mirror during the lane change and reverse operation.

In addition to passive safety configuration, the LDW active yaw warning system equipped in the T8 is also a highlight in the intelligent configuration. When the user is in a long-term driving or inattention, the active deviation warning system will detect the yaw phenomenon and remind the driver at the first time, further ensuring the safety of the driver and passenger.

JAC T8 won the Best Intelligent Network Award Again

At the same time, the T8 pickup is equipped with the "J-ConNet2.0" car network intelligent system exclusive to the pickup truck. The user can download the mobile APP software, and grasp the vehicle status, understand the latest service information and remotely control the vehicle through the mobile phone. In the surrounding services, users can quickly query the location information around the vehicle for parking, refueling, car washing, etc., and then quickly send it to the car end, allowing users to enjoy convenient car service at any time.

It is also worth mentioning that CarLife mobile phone interconnection system can transfer the functions of mobile phones, players and other equipment to the vehicle system terminal through Bluetooth, USB and other means, while through the voice control function provided by the car networking system, the drivers can make and receive calls, start a series of actions such as navigation. The user can complete the relevant command operation without moving the hands during the driving process, making driving safer and easier. In addition, the T8 pickup is also equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, 8-inch high-definition digital LCD screen, smart key, one-button start system, fixed-speed cruise and tire pressure monitoring and other intelligent systems, bringing users all-round intelligence driving experience.

In addition to intelligence, off-road is also the masterpiece of the T8 pickup, it has used the 7th generation international pickup chassis technology with 220mm super high ground clearance, besides, it is also equipped with Bose Warner ESOF electronic control time-sharing four-wheel drive system so that the driver can switch between two-wheel drive and high-speed four-wheel drive at a speed of 80km/h or less. At the same time, the design of the T8 pick-up double wishbone front suspension and the five leaf springs of the rear suspension can better suppress the roll and resist the impact of the pit road, and also make the body strong bearing capacity and high torsion resistance. It is even easier to travel long distances on bad roads and potholes.

JAC T8 won the Best Intelligent Network Award Again

In addition, the T8 pickup uses the European technology transmission of the gold drive system, equipped with 2.0L CTI high-end commercial power, rated power of 102kw / 3600rpm and maximum torque of 320Nm / 1600-2600rpm, and its 100 kilometers acceleration only needs 16 seconds.

T8 won the Best Intelligent Network Award this time, which not only reflects the solid manufacturing process of JAC for many years, but also shows the advantages of JAC pickup in smart interconnection and handling.


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