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Qingling Focuses on Technological Innovation for Expansion

Date:2019-08-01 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, Qingling announced that all its vehicles are fully compliant with China’s National VI B Emission Standards, four years ahead of China’s scheduled time.

Qingling Focuses on Technological Innovation for Expansion

As the first joint venture based in Chongqing, Qingling has been performing impressively in the past 34 years. So far, it has exported its products, ranging from modules, spare parts, whole vehicles to a number of countries and regions across the globe. With a solid reputation both at home and abroad, it has normalized its export with a monthly export volume of over 1,000 units Qingling trucks through the new land-sea corridor.

By actively carrying out reforms on the supply side, strengthening the overall competitiveness of its subsidiaries, diversifying its product line, making technological innovations, Qingling realized an export growth of 29% in its Europe-USA spare parts market and a growth rate of 26% in the spare parts markets in Japan, Canada, Vietnam.

To meet the growing demand, Qingling has also developed refrigerating trucks, recreational vehicles, sanitation trucks, etc.

“There is still huge room for our growth as we still lag behind in commercial vehicle remodeling. Currently, the remodeling rate of commercial vehicles in the domestic market is less than 40% while the figure has reached 70% abroad,” said an employee from Qingling.


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