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Beiben Attends 2019 Baotou International Auto Exhibition

Date:2019-09-17 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On September 12, 2019 Baotou International Auto Exhibition, officially kicked off at Baotou International Exhibition Center. Benbei brought four vehicles, including V3ET natural gas truck, V3ET diesel truck, light urban construction truck and 8×8 logistic truck on display.

Beiben Attends 2019 Baotou International Auto Exhibition

Beiben V3ET trucks for the high-end logistic market, are the results of hard work and concerted efforts of many leading vehicle experts in four years. Incorporating the avant gard design and introducing internationally well-renowned spare parts, the vehicle boasts 1.5 million km in B10 life expectancy.

In 2019, the newly upgraded V3ET trucks hit the market. With lighter weight, higher fuel economy, higher reliability, higher safety standards, higher intelligence and more travel comforts, the trucks are set to further improving the profit margin for truck operators.

Beiben Attends 2019 Baotou International Auto Exhibition

Beiben light-weight construction truck incorporates advantages of both NG80 and NG09. It has successfully lowered the weight of its chassis by 9.16 tons while still maintain its competitive loading capacity.

Beiben logistic truck can be readily adaptable to multiple transportation needs in warring environment. With high flexibility, high protection level, internet connectivity, it is the main carrier and loading platform for modern weaponry. As the new generation wheeled armor vehicle, it is set to making big splashes in the industry.

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