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As One Best-seller in Russia: JAC Light-duty Trucks are Popular in Russia

Date:2019-09-18 Author:Sarah Source:JAC

In recent years, JAC motors is rooting, growing and expanding in the jungle of highly competitive automobile market just like a dark horse in Russia. Not only are JAC light-duty trucks selling well in Russia, but also other new models and products of JAC are constantly launched in Russian market.

As One Best-seller in Russia: JAC Light-duty Trucks are Popular in Russia

JAC light-duty trucks take the lead, with multiple models launched gradually. Recently, The Russian subsidiary of JAC motors, located in Moscow, welcomed two groups of guests from Russian motor media and JAC Russia dealer.

Constantine is a reporter for 'Car Home', a Russian automotive professional media. He was pretty surprised and looked the new pickup over from inside to outside when he saw new Pickup model of JAC. He drove both the diesel and the gasoline model for 2 kilometers.

All media reporters drove around at the test site. They thought JAC vehicle has very superior performance in general.

As One Best-seller in Russia: JAC Light-duty Trucks are Popular in Russia

JAC Automobile Subsidiary in Russia hold two Russian - wide distributor conferences every year to introduce JAC commercial vehicles in the first half of the year, and passenger vehicles in the second half of the year. As the market expands, new vehicles are facing to the local market.

In addition to the selection of production and proper change from the old to the new, JAC Automobile Subsidiary in Russia invest and construct a large and complete commercial vehicle spare parts warehouse whose value is totally more than 100 million rubles in Moscow Lenin Trade Park.

At present, the sales of JAC light trucks in the Russian market have achieved an average annual growth of 100%, and the annual sales volume has leapt to the first among all Chinese brands.

As One Best-seller in Russia: JAC Light-duty Trucks are Popular in Russia

JAC subsidiary: Let 'Anhui manufacturing' run all over Russia

The sale of JAC Automobile in Russia market is based on a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAC built in Moscow. Now the number of employees has grown from two to more than 20 people. How did they make 'Anhui Manufacturing' run through the Russia? How does the company operate? The Russian video crew of the Anhui Public Channel made a special visit.

Without the remarkable JAC logo, the JAC Russian subsidiary has no difference from any local company. In the office area, almost all employees are Russian. The reporter learned that except for the five Chinese managers, the other 21 employees are Russian.

Russian employees are responsible for various positions that include branding, sales, finance, spare parts, commercial vehicle business, and passenger vehicle business. They have strong market resources. Born after 1985, Ilia is now the vice general manager of the subsidiary. The modest and smart vice general manager previously worked in Land Rover as a saler, who came to JAC Russian subsidiary four years ago.

When Ilia joined the Russian subsidiary of JAC, the market environment of the company was not good, when JAC faced the dilemma of 'not accepting local water and soil'.

Together with Chinese colleagues, Ilia quickly realized the localization of JAC vehicles and successfully opened the Russian market. With the development of the subsidiary in the Russian market, a number of auto companies threw an olive branch to Ilia, promising high salary to him. However, Ilia choose to persist in his career this time.


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