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Linglong Tire Was Awarded Shandong Governor Quality Award

Date:2019-10-23 Author:Will Source:Linglong

On the morning of October 22, an awarding ceremony was successfully held in Shandong Province and Linglong Tire was officially awarded Shandong Governor Quality Award. Mr. Wang, chairman of Linglong Tire, received this award in person and delivered his speech as the representative of typical enterprises.

Linglong Tire Was Awarded Shandong Governor Quality Award

In order to comprehensively promote high-quality development and promote supply-side structural reform and the transformation of replacing old growth drivers with new ones, Shandong Government selected and released the list of winners of Shandong Governor Quality Award, which is also the highest quality award established by the Shandong Provincial Government.

Linglong Tire Was Awarded Shandong Governor Quality Award

For many years, Linglong has continuously exploring scientific quality management methods, firmly establishing the quality consciousness of "quality first, benefit first", carrying out quality improvement actions, strengthening quality management, advocating fair competition, and maintaining a good market environment, playing a good as well as a leading role in promoting the quality of enterprises to continue to improve.

Besides, on December 9, 2018, relying on the strong support of high quality development, the company was awarded China Industry Award, the highest award in China industry, becoming the first tire enterprise to win this award.

Linglong Tire Was Awarded Shandong Governor Quality Award

The achievements belong to the past and efforts still need to be made in the future. Linglong Tire will still be dedicated in advancing the internationalization of brand with its funds and market platform and becoming the world-class manufacturing enterprise with global competitiveness, aiming at mastering the core technology, building high-end product and brand, and promoting high-quality rapid development of tire industry in China.


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