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SAIC Hongyan Launches LNG Genlyon Trucks

Date:2019-10-29 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On October 27, SAIC Hongyan officially revealed its latest product, LNG Genlyon C6 heavy-duty truck with National VI Emission Standards in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Yulin, Shaanxi Province, and Zhengzhou, Henan province. On the first day of its debut, the truck won orders from 1,207 customers across the nation.

SAIC Hongyan Launches LNG Genlyon Trucks

Genlyon C6 heavy-duty truck has different models available for various transportation purposes. At the press conference held in Taiyuan, the truck is chiefly targeted at the coal and sand transportation market.

Equipped with an LNG engine manufactured by SAIC, Genlyon C6 heavy-duty truck achieves a maximum power of 440 Ps and a maximum torque of 1,950 N.m. Thanks to the equivalent combustion technology and EGR, the more exhaustive combustion is achieved and thus the vehicle fully meets National VI b Emission Standards. Its cylinder braking not only improves the braking efficiency significantly, but also enhances the overall safety standards of the vehicle.

SAIC Hongyan Launches LNG Genlyon Trucks

In addition, Genlyon C6 truck has air-bag suspensions, vibration damping devices, more driver-friendly decorations, a multi-functional wheel, touch screens, all remote keys, all of which make driving a much more pleasant experience for drivers.

According to different terrains, Genlyon C6 truck has different versions available. The truck with a direct drive + a rear axle of 3.083 speed ratio is highly recommended for working on plains and the one with an overdrive + a rear axle of 4.111 speed ratio is particularly ideal for driving on mountainous roads.

SAIC Hongyan Launches LNG Genlyon Trucks



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