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XCMG Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Unicom on 5G

Date:2019-12-10 Author:Sarah Source:XCMG

On November 7, XCMG and China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 5G (intelligent manufacturing) smart factory and Internet of Things in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, and Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Unicom, attended the signing ceremony.

 XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom on 5G

On November 7, Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Unicom, and his delegation visited XCMG Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd and Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd.

At XCMG Information, Wang Xiaochu had a detailed understanding of the development process of "Hanyun" Industrial Internet Platform, the equipment connection and management in the field of construction machinery, as well as the cross-industry performances enabled by the platform. After that, he went to visit the production workshop of XCMG Heavy Machinery and communicated with XCMG staff deeply about the ideas of smart factory construction.

At the forum, the two sides made in-depth discussions on 5G (intelligent manufacturing) smart factory, industrial Internet platform application and Internet of Things, and then reached a unanimous agreement.

According to Wang Min, XCMG, as the pillar of a Great Power ranking the first in China and the sixth in the world, is a banner of the Chinese machinery industry. XCMG has continued to deepen its efforts in the industry of intelligent manufacturing, not only building a number of industry-leading intelligent factories, but cultivating "dark horse" and "unicorn" of industrial Internet, e.g., XCMG Information, far ahead in the industry.

Wang Xiaochu highly recognized the flexible mechanism of XCMG as well as its forward-looking layout and practice in intelligent manufacturing. He said that China Unicom boasts obvious advantages in the communications industry. As the leading enterprises in their respective fields, XCMG and China Unicom will definitely become strategic partners for each other in long-term cooperation.

Based on the friendly cooperation in the early stage, the consensus on future cooperation was reached, and a strategic cooperation agreement on 5G (intelligent manufacturing) smart factory and Internet of Things was signed.

Under the agreement, the two sides, based on the industrial product/equipment connection management capability, equipment management capability, equipment security service and vertical industry application, will jointly formulate technical standards, carry out technical research cooperation for deep integration in the industrial field, build a business enabling platform relying on the Internet of Things connection of China Unicom, integrate and achieve the applications in cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and smart city, and devote to the construction of 5G smart factory.

On the same day, XCMG Information also signed a business framework agreement with Jiangsu Unicom, focusing on the field of industrial manufacturing. On the basis of Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform, the two sides jointly provide relevant services, promote the research, product product design and market promotion of end-to-end solutions, and create an IOT ecosystem in the field of industrial manufacturing. In addition, the two sides will also conduct a series of cooperation in such aspects as communication business and cloud services.

Zhang Qiliang, General Manager of XCMG Information, said, "XCMG Information, backed by long-term experience in the industry, will give full play to the product advantages of Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform in the aspect of industrial big data, and promote in-depth cooperation with Unicom in platform construction, data governance, data mining, data analysis, search engine development, etc. This is a strong alliance for cooperation in the industrial Internet ecosystem, and we are looking forward to it."

In the future, XCMG will also work with China Unicom to prepare for the establishment of a 5G joint laboratory. "XCMG Hanyun + Unicom 5G" will provide a new application "XCMG model" for the deep integration of new-generation information & communication technology and industrial sector.

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