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Weichai Power Announces Strategic Investment in Aradex AG

Date:2019-12-18 Author:Linda Source:Weichai

Weichai Power Co., Ltd. (“Weichai Power” or “the Company”, HKEX: 2338, SZSE: 000338) has announced its strategic acquisition of Aradex AG, another global strategic attempt in the new energy power systems industry following its strategic investment in Ballard Power and Ceres Power. Weichai Power has not only mastered key technologies of traditional powertrain for heavy duty commercial vehicles so far, but also successfully integrated “battery, motor and electronic control” into a whole new energy power system to propel the whole industrial chain, coupled with the power of Aradex AG. Those achievements paved the way for Weichai Power to be “a global leader in new energy ``industry by 2030”- its strategy planning, in terms of advanced product and technology.

Since founded in 1989, Aradex AG has been committed to the R&D of motor, electric control and power supply for industrial and transportation industry, and now has become a pioneer in high power variable frequency and power supply equipment technology. Aradex AG commands powerful design and development and system integration capabilities in terms of various CNC servo motor and servo driver, new energy commercial vehicle motor controller, motor, fuel cell DC/DC converter and other products. Hundreds of successful application cases build a good reputation for those excellent products with design life exceeding 30000 hours.

Both parties will strive collaboratively and synergize fully to develop new energy commercial vehicle power system. Aradex AG will expand and grow on the synergies of Weichai Power’s global complete vehicle and machinery, core components of power system and global R&D innovation center and other resources, and Weichai Power is expected to facilitate industrial upgrading and restructuring with the contribution from Aradex AG. Both parties’ deep integration helps to boost energy conservation and emission reduction, and provide sustainable power to protect clear sky and white clouds for all human beings.


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