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FAW FHA Huzun S200 Heavy-duty Truck to Make its Debut

Date:2020-02-11 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

FAW FHA Huzun S200 heavy-duty truck is to make its debut. With extremely attractive appearance, more travel comforts and impressive power performance, the truck has already aroused keen interest among truck fans.

FAW FHA Huzun S200 Heavy-duty Truck to Make its Debut

FAW FHA Huzun S200 heavy truck is equipped with 10-way adjustment of multi-functional airbag seat, with excellent adjustability and ergonomically designed cushions and backrests, effectively cushioning shocks and reducing driving fatigue. Instrument panel wrap-around design, can ensure that the important control devices and switches are within the reach of the driver. In addition, with standard 10.1 inch multimedia screen, driving life is no longer boring. It is also found that the cab of Huzun S200 is designed with flat floor, the internal space height is as high as 2,010 mm, the overall space is larger and more comfortable, which is convenient for the driver to move freely.

Huzun S200 truck adopts the form of four-point airbag suspension, which is more comfortable than the four-point spring floating. To long-distance truck drivers, super high power is a strong support for transport efficiency. Huzun S200 truck is equipped with mainstream engine, gearbox and axles to create a balanced power chain, more suitable for low-speed and high-torque, to achieve easier shift, higher reliability, and high transmission efficiency. The upgrade of the three major power pieces helps the vehicle to start faster, accelerate faster, move faster on uphill mountains, and achieve safer standards in downhill driving.

FAW FHA Huzun S200 Heavy-duty Truck to Make its Debut

Faced with the younger users in recent years, the demand for vehicle safety is also increasing. In terms of active safety, Huzun S200 is equipped with ADAS forward vision system, driver fatigue monitoring system, automatic emergency braking system, full electronic rearview mirror system with AI, supplemented by two complementary blind cameras, one rear camera and four 77G millimeter wave radars. By connecting the vehicle with the internet, such information as vehicle status, engine operation, vehicle real-time location, running track, driver's condition can be obtained and monitored at any time. Also, remote fault diagnosis, remote lock, remote real-time view of the surrounding scene of the vehicle, etc. be performed. In addition, in terms of passive safety, the cab of Huzun S200 adopts high-strength cab, which can withstand up to 10 tons of front-impact, top-pressure and side-rear impact, to meet European standards.

Huzun S200 adopts high-strength steel frame, aluminum alloy shelled gearbox, lightweight reinforced rear axle, lightweight rim, other lightweight materials and components, and innovative technologies, achieving high energy efficiency and high safety standards. The vehicle’s aerodynamic optimization design and its overall arc modeling will minimize the drag coefficient. A rigorous wind tunnel test shows that the vehicle’s drag coefficient is only 0.42, reaching the internationally competitive level for heavy-duty trucks.


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