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1000 Weichai-powered Mining Trucks Delivered to Customers

Date:2020-02-19 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

It has been a success for Weichai from the very beginning of this year. Recently, 200 units of wide-body mining trucks powered by Weichai have been delivered to its customer from Shanxi as part of its efforts to facilitate mining companies to resume production.

It happens that there is a similar case in Inner Mongolia. A few days ago, 800 units of wide-body mining dumpers were being delivered, all of which are equipped with Weichai Landking WP13 engines. Weichai has long enjoyed a very high reputation in the regions of Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, both of which are the major coal production area in China.

Weichai Landking WP12/WP13 has been developed specifically for mining application, in particular for severe operation conditions. Therefore, Weichai engine has become more and more popular for mining trucks due to its high efficiency, high power density, high reliability and super-strong environment adaptability advantages.

Apart from development of light and medium-duty engines, Weichai also aims to offer high quality engines for mining application. With a market share of nearly 80%, Weichai has been taking the lead in this segment.


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