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2020 JAC Russian Dealers' Annual Meeting was Successfully Held

Date:2020-03-09 Author:Sarah Source:JAC

On February 20, 2020, the 3rd commercial vehicle dealers' annual meeting of JAC Russian subsidiary was held as scheduled in the "Aldus" manor in Moscow. The subsidiary gathered with nearly 120 people from 51 dealers, 15 refitting factories and multiple financial institutions from 32 cities across the country to share the growth of the JAC brand in Russia in 2019 , the work plan for 2020 and future planning.

2020 JAC Russian Dealers

Under the circumstance of the overall decline of the Russian automotive market, JAC's Russian subsidiary achieved sales of more than 700 units of light trucks in 2019, an increase of 73% year-on-year, and the market size continued to maintain a high speed (220% and 85% in 2017 and 2018 respectively). JAC continue to maintain the No. 1 position among Chinese brands and rise to No. 4 position among international brands. In the environment of the weak automotive market and the withdrawal of many brands from the Russian market, JAC has become a rising star in the automotive industry.

In 2019, the development of fleet customers of the Russian subsidiary achieved positive results. The sales proportion of fleet customers rose to 46%. Among them, the subsidiary successfully obtained nearly one hundred orders from the top 5 largest logistics companies in Russia, and through its domestic Russian logistics transportation, it has greatly enhanced the influence of the JAC brand in Russia.

2020 JAC Russian Dealers

At the same time, the subsidiary's support capabilities of technic and service continued to increase, and accessories sales increased 240% year-on-year. It provides full life-cycle service contracts for industrial customers and has been highly recognized and appreciated by dealers. The subsidiary further refined and standardized service contract, strived to provide "service contracts" and packaged vehicle sales services to more customers, making further progress towards full life-cycle solutions.

In addition, JAC's support capabilities like branding and information technology have been greatly improved. The subsidiary launched the DMS system in 2019, which will greatly speed up the processing efficiency of service claims and spare parts through information technology so that liberates sales staff from the tedious processing of paper documents and saves more time to cultivate deeply market frontline and focus on segmenting customer to achieve high-quality business development.

2020 JAC Russian Dealers

At the dealer's annual meeting, the management team of the subsidiary also reported on the key work and prospects of each module in 2020. With the gradual listing of new products, JAC's commercial vehicle product line in the Russian market will be further enriched, covering pickup, small truck, light truck, and heavy dumper. JAC will strive to become a comprehensive commercial vehicle brand that meets the one-stop purchase of Russian customers. In addition, special staff will be responsible for new product development and product territorial adaptability improvement, including internet of vehicles, and strive to provide Russian customers with the best value commercial vehicle solutions. In 2020, the commercial vehicle business of the subsidiary will further strengthen the network marketing business, special vehicle sales business, and fleet customer sales business to create new achievements of brand development!

2020 JAC Russian Dealers

During the meeting, many dealer partners expressed their appreciation for the rapid development of JAC in the Russian market, and thanked JAC for providing high-quality products and broad development prospects. Most dealers did not dare to cooperate with JAC as a Chinese brand 5 years ago, however, many prospective dealers see users' praise for JAC on video websites, and they rushed to be JAC agents from across the country today!! As the meeting said, the coronavirus simply cannot stop JAC from moving forward!

At the dealer's annual meeting, new products that will be launched in 2020 were also displayed. At the same time, outstanding dealers and staffs in the field of marketing and service in 2019 were presented with awards.


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