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Chenglong H5 Cargo Trucks Mass Delivered to SF Express

Date:2020-05-11 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Chenglong H5 cargo trucks were mass delivered to SF Express to promote the growth of their logistcs business.

SF Express is one of China’s leading comprehensive service providers of express logistics. It aims to provide customers with integrated and comprehensive logistics solutions. SF is also an intelligent logistics provider with the advantage of network scale. Boasting its mass logistics networks at home and abroad, SF is an integrated logistics service operator with “Aviation network + Ground network + Information network”. The cooperation between SF and Chenglong aimed at cutting logistics costs and improving efficiency, in an effort to upgrade its logistics sector, and achieve mutual benefit.

Fuel economy is of great concern for logistics operators, which is also the main cause that affects the transporation cost. The delivered Chenglong H5 cargo trucks comes with Cummins engines. With the application of many fuel-saving technologies, such as electrically controlled silicon oil fan, low rolling resistance tire and multi-state switch, the vehicle fuel consumption has been lowered by 3-5 percent or so.

In the express delivery industry, there are now more than 4000 units of Chenglong H5 in service, making industry customers form a view that "For express delivery, Chenglong H5 comes first."


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