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SANY and DEUTZ to Launch Their First D12 Engine in June

Date:2020-05-28 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

The new power D12 jointly developed by Sany and Deutz will be launched soon.

SANY and DEUTZ to Launch Their First D12 Engine in June

Deutz was established in 1864 and has a history of 156 years. It is the world's first and oldest engine factory, and have gained a strong reputation among users for its high-quality products.

As the first engine launched by SANY and Deutz, what highlights does D12 have? Let’s take a look at it.

D12 Engine has successfully applied many advanced technologies such as high-pressure common rail, transmission of helical gear and rear-mounted gear chamber. The engine’s power output is 360kw and maximum torque is 2200N•m at 1900—2100rpm. And the new engine, with a displacement of 12.12L and 131mm diameter cylinder, can meet the Euro VI emission regulations.

SANY and DEUTZ to Launch Their First D12 Engine in June

D12 is equipped with an electronically-controlled silicon oil fan which not only reduces the energy consumption but also cuts the noise level. Furthermore, the engine can start easily in 2 seconds even when the temperature fell to -30 degrees centigrade. Two versions, on-road and off-road versions, will be introduced to the market, both of which are suitable for various applications like compact roller, excavator, port machinery, heavy-duty tractor and ultra high pressure pump.

For regions like Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Tibet Plateau, D12 is a best choice because it is able to deliver excellent performance even when operating at an altitude of 3000 thousand meters on the plateau.


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