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ZOOMLION’s 38m Truck Mounted Pump for India Rolls off Assembly Line

Date:2020-08-12 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

ZOOMLION’s 38m truck-mounted pump tailored for the Indian market rolled off the assembly line in Changsha, Hunan a few days earlier. Equipped with the chassis provided by an established Indian manufacturer, combined with ZOOMLION’s new boom, the product satisfies the certification requirements of the local market, while adapting well to local conditions. Intended purchase orders were received at the moment the product came off the line, which is highly anticipated by Indian customers.

With the increase in investment in infrastructure in India in recent years, the demand for engineering machinery has also seen a rise. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) pointed out in its report that by 2025, India will become the world’s fourth largest infrastructure construction market with a market share of 9.8%. Since India is one of the important markets along the “Belt and Road” where ZOOMLION grows its footprint, ZOOMLION has been deeply dedicated to the Indian market for 18 years through the “localization” strategy.

“The 38m truck mounted pump is another result of our commitment to the 'localization' strategy. After in-depth market research and a full analysis of the type spectrum and characteristics of products for the local market, we worked with our Pumping Machine Research and Development Center to customize the 38m truck mounted pump for India,”introduced the relevant person in charge of the Indian Division at ZOOMLION.

According to reports, the 38m truck mounted pump adopts a locally manufactured chassis combined with ZOOMLION’s new boom, enabling its adaptability and performance to be improved, while receiving only minor overall modification.

“The chassis partner is a long-established company in India locally, with an establishment history of more than 70 years. The quality of its products is proved to be stable and reliable, with high recognition from customers,”commented the R&D engineer and product manager of the truck mounted pump at ZOOMLION.

The collaboration between the two powers enables the performance of the whole machine to be effectively guaranteed. According to reports, the 38m truck mounted pump comes packed with a new type of boom structure, which provides a larger effective placing range and more flexible operation relative to conventional booms. The boom as a structural member and the chassis leg enjoy a long service life, which can meet the European standards, and their footprints have been reduced by 36% and 28% respectively–which can address construction requirements even in small construction sites.

Since the 38m truck mounted pump satisfies the certification requirements and working conditions of the local market well, purchase intentions were received from customers in India and surrounding areas right after it rolled off the assembly line. The customers expressed their expectations for the product.

It is understood that ZOOMLION entered the Indian market in 2003 and is one of the first Chinese construction machinery companies to enter India. After years of steady development, ZOOMLION has totally sold thousands of sets of lifting equipment, concrete equipment, earthmoving equipment, piling equipment and agricultural equipment in the Indian market, and participated in the construction of many local key projects.

“Our equipment is welcomed by the customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and many other regions. We will continue to deepen the 'localization' strategy, and through the localization of products, services, and operations, launch products targeted at the local market and deliver efficient and timely services. We will also continue to boost the company’s development in India, and contribute to local construction, in a bid to achieve shared growth,” said the relevant person in charge of the India Division at ZOOMLION.


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