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Kelas AdBlue Has Successfully Opened the European Market

Date:2020-12-07 Author:Mark Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, a good news has flew from KLS international trade department. Our vehicle urea solution AdBlue which been set on the Russian market in August has stirred the whole East Europe market. The Russian agent faxed to us that “most of KLS AdBlue had been sold out, please ship more to us as soon as possible”.

Europe is the earliest place in inventing vehicle urea solution which has better theory and equipment about AdBlue than China. But European clients specially had great interest in KLS AdBlue because of its highly reputation、quality、after service and well-known brand. The moment KLS AdBlue reached the Russian outlet, the moment clients rushed there to purchase. What’s more, some of the clients deposited a sum of money for the next KLS AdBlue. Because of KLS AdBlue’s bright future, other related agents in Russia telegrammed KLS one after another asking about the business collaboration.

This sensational market feedback in East Europe has given us great confidence in marching European market. We will continue to forge our product, making it highly、strongly and efficiently; We will continue to collaborate with the whole word to create blue sky、clean water and fresh air.


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