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SANY Debut World's First Fuel Cell Mixer

Date:2021-01-04 Author:Mark Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 30, SANY fuel cell mixer officially made its debut, marking a huge milestone for SANY. At a ceremony held for this historical moment, SANY revealed that its new mixer has six major advantages.

SANY Fuel Cell Mixer Makes Its Debut

1) With a hydrogen storage of 1,680 L, the mixer is able to drive over 500 km continuously;

2) The mixer is equipped with impressively powerful fuel cells;

3) The mixer is mounted with a driving motor with a powerful torque and AMT transmission gearbox, achieving impressive power;

4) Thanks to its integrated heat management system, it is able to heat and cool itself automatically.

5) The mixer is equipped with a hydrogen operation safety system in overheating environment, low pressure alarming system and hydrogen leakage monitoring system to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the vehicle;

6) The mixer emits zero emissions as it is powered by hydrogen.

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