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SAIC Hongyan New Energy Heavy-duty Truck Makes Its Appearance in Shanghai

Date:2021-05-12 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

After making a high-profile debut at Shanghai International Auto Show, SAIC Hongyan new energy heavy-duty truck appeared at Shanghai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forum, arousing keen interest among participants.

In 2019, SAIC Hongyan officially started its development program of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks. By working closely with such well-renowned players in the hydrogen energy industry as SHPT and CATL, SAIC Hongyan has successfully rolled out 4X2, 6X4 and 8X4 hydrogen powered heavy-duty trucks, engineering vehicles and special vehicles.

In February this year, SAIC Hongyan hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks passed a series of stringent tests in Heihe, Heilongjiang, withstanding the extreme cold and demonstrating incredible endurance. With a combined operation time of over 10,000 hours (over 800,000 km), the truck is able to drive 1,000 km continuously when fully loaded. Consuming 7.5-14kg hydrogen, it can get hydrogen refill in just 15 minutes.

In October in 2020, SAIC Hongyan signed a sales contract with some coal mines in Inner Mongolia. In late November in the same year, it rolled out its first urban sanitation vehicles powered by hydrogen.

According to SAIC Hongyan, it plans to put 10,000 units hydrogen powered trucks on the road in the next four years. So far, its hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks have already been recognized as the recommended vehicles by several cities.

Apart from hydrogen powered trucks, SAIC Hongyan released H6 series electric heavy-duty trucks in November, 2020. Its fast-recharging electric heavy-duty trucks are ideal for logistic centers while its recharging battery powered heavy-duty trucks are readily adaptable for miners. Having passed severe tests at high altitudes, in extremely high or low temperatures, SAIC Hongyan electric heavy-duty trucks are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries made by CATL and are able to drive 200 km continuously. In addition, their batteries can be replaced in just five minutes.

In April this year, SAIC Hongyan secured major deals of 2,000 units heavy-duty trucks powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries and 1,000 units recharging battery-powered electric trucks.


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