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100 Units Light Truck Deliveries, JAC Trusted By Customers

Date:2021-06-16 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

June 16th 2021 Vietnam- Have you seen the spectacular scene of Hundred units light truck deliveries?

100 Units Light Truck Deliveries, JAC Trusted By Customers

Following major express customers such as J&T, ZTO , Best, JAC has recently won another bulk purchase order.

On June 7, 2021, the delivery ceremony for the procurement project of hundred units JAC light trucks at the 3T Driving Training Center in Saigon, Vietnam was grandly held at the joint venture factory in Vietnam.

As one of the largest driving schools in southern Vietnam, the 3T Driving Training Center has been established for many years and has outlets all over the south. There are currently as many as 1,000 registered coaches and more than 10,000 graduates each year.

Driving school business is a relatively special light truck market segment in Vietnam, and the demand for vehicles is very different from that of express logistics and other industries.After in-depth user research, JAC has developed a mature model suitable for the driving school industry. This model has won the approval of the majority of driving school customers once it was launched. It has successfully won the favor of many driving school customers in western and southern Vietnam, and has accumulated sales more than 300 units.


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