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ZF Jiaxing Homebase Commits ZF to More R&D Activities in China

Date:2021-06-30 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On June 18, ZF Commercial Vehicle Jiaxing Homebase officially started operation. Consisting of two independent legal entities, namely ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. and ZF Drivetech (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., the homebase represents the further integration of ZF with the commercial vehicle industry and the supply chain in China.

Having been working for ZF for over two decades, Liao Liheng, the person-in-charge of ZF Jiaxing Production Base, revealed that ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. acts as the headquarter for ZF in China and sells transmission gearboxes for trucks while ZF Drivetech (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing, assembling and selling related products and providing related after-sales supports.

Liao Liheng,GM of ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. & ZF Drivetech (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

“R&D is our (ZF Drivetech (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.) primary task. To us, R&D is as important as production. In Jiaxing, we will build a number of labs, experiment racetracks, workshops for remodeling trucks and buses”, Liao added. CeTrax CP, the central electric driving system, for example, is developed in China and will soon be manufactured in India.

Apart from conduction R&D activities for ZF’s business across the world, ZF Jiaxing Homebase is also committed to producing key spare parts, providing technological supports & services.

According to Liao, ZF Jiaxing Homebase is mainly involved in R&D and production of transmission gearboxes, electric hydraulic steering, central electric driving systems, electric axle systems, power modules, axles for low-floor buses for commercial vehicles and next generation transportation solutions, such as electro hydraulic power steering systems, valve cores, ConAct, CeTrax CP, electric driving axle.

Hu Wenguang, the person-in-charge of the Bus Axle & Transmission Gearbox Department of ZF China.

“CeTrax and CeTrax CP are basically two types of central electric driving systems built on the same principles. However, CeTrax CP developed in China is essentially a permanent magnetic electric motor. Adopting an electric motor made in China, it achieves higher efficiency”, said Hu Wenguang, the person-in-charge of the Bus Axle & Transmission Gearbox Department of ZF China.

According to Chen Lixia, the person-in-charge of the power assembly of ZF China, ZF ConAct is specially designed for AMT. With a high level of maturity with consistently smooth performances, it has sold over four million units across the world. ZF Jiaxing Homebase will further promote the localization of ZF and better serve Chinese customers. In addition, ZF’s production base in Shanghai is devoted to producing clutches for MT and AMT.

Chen Lixia, the person-in-charge of the power assembly of ZF China

“The X connecting rod produced by ZF Jiaxing Production Base for light-weight chassis has long been adopted by the globally-renowned commercial vehicle brand MAN from Germany. In China, the 6×4 chassis is the mainstream while in Europe 4×2 chassis. Thus, the X connecting rod helps 6×4 chassis cut its weight by 70-80 kg and 4×2 chassis cut its weight by over 40 kg. In the future, carbon fiber + aluminum alloy will be introduced for the production of propelling rods, which will further help vehicles reduce their weight. ZF Jiaxing Production Base will be more actively involved in advancing new technologies and producing related products”, said Yu Wenhua, General Manager of ZF Commercial Vehicle Chassis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Yu Wenhua, General Manager of ZF Commercial Vehicle Chassis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

With more and more ZF products becoming electric and more intelligent, ZF is now reaping the benefits of its relentless hard work in the past decade. Through acquisition of enterprises producing clutches, electric controls, steering systems, braking systems, ZF has greatly expanded its business and diversified its product line to autonomous driving, central controllers, various sensors, radars and cameras.

ZF’s brand new silicon carbide controller with advanced technologies, is manufactured in China. According to ZF, it will soon roll out its next generation electric drive in China for its customers across the globe.

By focusing on upgrading its technologies and rolling out more customized products at its production base in Jiaxing, ZF attaches paramount importance to strengthening its overall competitiveness in China. In such promising areas as autonomous driving, electric drive system, intelligent drive systems, ZF has been constantly making technological breakthroughs and promoting localization of its business.


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