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Tan Xuguang Inspects Two Projects under Construction

Date:2021-11-01 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

SHANDONG,CHINA,September 1,2021 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On October 31, 2021, Tan Xuguang came to the construction site of the KION forklifts project based in Jinan city and the second phrase of construction of SINOTRUK Technology Building to inspect the construction progress.

Tan Xuguang Inspects Two Projects under Construction

During the inspection at forklift construction site in Laiwu city, Tan Xuguang made inquires in detail about the project construction and requested the project to be delivered on time by end of this year, in line with high quality standards. Once the construction work completed, this will become a global R&D and manufacturer center for smart forklifts.

Tan Xuguang Inspects Two Projects under Construction

Afterwards, Tan Xuguang visited the second phrase of construcion of SINOTRUK Technology Building, and proposed that the project needed to move forward at full speed to ensure that it could be put into use as soon as possible, in support of the group’s goal of acting as a gathering place for global technology talents.


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